Backbase is happy to be providing its innovative products to some of the largest enterprises and financial institutions from around the world.
See what they say about how their experience with Backbase enhanced their business.


"As an architect, I fell in love with the agility and the simplicity Backbase provides. I'm truly in control; I can work directly with my e-business and digital marketing counterparts to optimize the platform. But above all: We were able to do in months what in the past, with a traditional vendor, would have taken us years."

"Since implementing Backbase we have seen that running costs for our IT teams have dropped significantly and we're able to increase and improve functionality with the development of widgets. We're also very excited about the digital marketing capabilities, like micro targeting, which will empower our digital marketing and ebusiness teams."

Absa Bank Customer Story

"With Backbase we are able to deliver a completely new user experience that gives Absa's customers easy access to all of our products and services within the bank. This was accomplished by providing a great user experience and giving customers access to, and control over, their finances anytime, any place and on any device."

"Backbase Portal is totally suited to KPN's needs. We wanted to create a website where people could have a completely personalized experience and make their very own homepage by adding and removing widgets. Now, with Backbase Portal we can deliver that for our customers."

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