ABN AMRO uses Backbase CXP as their enterprise portal, both employee and customer facing, facilitating the needs of over 6 million active internet banking users who utilize multi-channel and device delivery: internet, mobile, branch and call center.
General Electrics is using Backbase CXP in their fast growing aviation division to provide their customers with a 'My Portal', a full-scale after-sales and commerce platform that aggregates 40+ applications with no extra coding required.
Barclays's subsidiary ABSA, the largest retail bank in South Africa, is using Backbase CXP to transform 20+ different back-end systems into one easy to use internet banking and self-service portal, facilitating ABSA's 12 million customers.
ING Bank is optimizing their online portal and self-service channel by using Backbase for all their online forms, simulation tools, and calculators. Providing full control to their digital marketing team, who can now run seamless cross- and up-sell campaigns.

Backbase Customer Experience Platform

Backbase Customer Experience Platform (CXP) helps you create rich, interactive web portals and mobile applications. Allowing you to create, and manage deeply relevant customer experiences on any device. Delighting your customers and driving measurable business results.

Backbase CXP comes with a complete set of integrated customer experience management functions, including: integrated content management, what-you-see-is-what-you-get editing, intelligent forms-based dialogs, secure application integration, cross device delivery, smart targeting, digital marketing tools, and integrated analytics.

At the same time, Backbase CXP offers robust enterprise security and application integration technology that helps you integrate your existing systems and applications with ease, enabling you to leverage your previous IT investments.

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Backbase for Financial Services

As well as Backbase CXP, we have created Backbase Engage, a set of ready-to-go solutions for financial services. Backbase Engage comes with a wide variety of pre-built bank 2.0 and insurance 2.0 applications that help banks and insurers jumpstart their digital transformation projects.

Slides of yesterdays webinar: Regain Control of your Digital Banking Strategy

Yesterday we hosted our first webinar of 2015. In this webinar, Pete Chapman, Principal Fintech Strategist at Backbase, and former banker (Pete worked for 10 years in banking, responsible for IT and Emerging Technologies), shares his story and vision on the US banking market. Find the slides in our Slideshare channel and the full recording on YouTube. It’s no secret that banking today is at a significant crossroads. A number of converging external forces have combined to create a climate where...

Italy’s most innovative bank, CheBanca! selects Backbase’s Digital Banking Platform

We’re proud to announce that the most innovative bank in Italy, CheBanca! has selected our digital banking platform to deliver their new omni-channel digital banking experience. CheBanca! is the retail bank of Mediobanca Group, the 3rd largest Financial Services group in Italy and has always been at the forefront of innovation in banking. This shows in their unique branch strategy and their strong focus on their digital channels and user experience. CheBanca! goes on with its path of innovation: not only...

Another customer goes live: Hiscox!

After PostFinance went successfully live with their new digital banking platform last week, we are happy to announce that this week, Hiscox has launched their new UK digital insurance platform based on Backbase CXP. You can find the complete press release in our press room, we just focus on the essentials here: A very happy customer: “When we selected Backbase we were very impressed with the level of innovation and digital transformation capabilities demonstrated by their customer experience platform. Now that we’re...