ABN AMRO uses Backbase CXP as their enterprise portal, both employee and customer facing, facilitating the needs of over 6 million active internet banking users who utilize multi-channel and device delivery: internet, mobile, branch and call center.
General Electrics is using Backbase Portal in their fast growing aviation division to provide their customers with a 'My Portal', a full-scale after-sales and commerce platform that aggregates 40+ applications with no extra coding required.
Barclays's subsidiary ABSA, the largest retail bank in South Africa, is using Backbase Portal to transform 20+ different back-end systems into one easy to use internet banking and self-service portal, facilitating ABSA's 12 million customers.
ING Bank is optimizing their online portal and self-service channel by using Backbase for all their online forms, simulation tools, and calculators. Providing full control to their digital marketing team, who can now run seamless cross- and up-sell campaigns.

Backbase Customer Experience Platform

Backbase Customer Experience Platform (CXP) helps you create rich, interactive web portals and mobile applications. Allowing you to create, and manage deeply relevant customer experiences on any device. Delighting your customers and driving measurable business results.

Backbase CXP comes with a complete set of integrated customer experience management functions, including: integrated content management, what-you-see-is-what-you-get editing, intelligent forms-based dialogs, secure application integration, cross device delivery, smart targeting, digital marketing tools, and integrated analytics.

At the same time, Backbase CXP offers robust enterprise security and application integration technology that helps you integrate your existing systems and applications with ease, enabling you to leverage your previous IT investments. Learn more →

Backbase for Financial Services

As well as Backbase CXP we have created Backbase Engage, a set of ready-to-go solutions for financial services. Backbase Engage comes with a wide variety of pre-built bank 2.0 and insurance 2.0 applications that help banks and insurers jumpstart their digital transformation projects.

The Power of Widgets

Backbase CXP is powered by widgets. They are little customer experience building blocks that contain anything, from marketing content, to business application functions, to social and real-time communication functions, to digital marketing campaigns, to interactive forms, and advisory tools.

We don't make you rebuild your applications from scratch but instead enable you to re-purpose your existing systems by wrapping their content, data, and functionality into reusable widgets.

Backbase CXP helps you create, manage, and deliver widgets across all your digital channels. Widgets can be mixed and matched in any combination, enabling you to create modular and flexible user interfaces that run on any device and in any channel. Learn more →


Launchpad: Kickstart your Project!

Backbase Launchpad is a 'portal-in-a-box', it is stocked with pre-built portal templates, master pages, and widget packs to kick-start your project and transform your digital presence into an engaging customer experience.

Launchpad is multi-channel ready and has been pre-optimized for all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and traditional browser based desktops. With Launchpad you will be live in weeks, not months.

Backbase CXP guarantees hassle-free integration, modern open web development standards, and a reusable, flexible architecture that leverages the power of widgets to ensure that it's a snap to extend and innovate upon. Its robust enterprise architecture can easily scale to service millions of customers. Learn more →

CXP Manager: Ultimate Flexibility

With easy to use content editing, forms modeling, workflow and publishing functions, pre-built widgets, configurable master pages, and digital marketing tools, the complete customer experience can be optimized and fine-tuned without IT support.

Backbase CXP Manager comes with a powerful targeting engine to deliver personalized sales campaigns that help you increase your online sales. The integrated web analytics features give your digital marketing team full insight in your customers' online experience. Learn more →

Backbase is Going on Tour!

Over the next few months Backbase will be presenting our new digital banking solution, Backbase Engage, at six events across the United States. Starting with Finovate Fall in New York at the end of September, Backbase will be presenting at a fintech event near you. If you’re attending any of the events listed below, please come and say hello. We’ll be debuting our latest out-of-the-box digital banking solution; Backbase Engage. Backbase Engage has been designed to help banks and credit...

Beyond iBeacon: Making Bank With Omni-Channel Experiences Customers Will Love

It’s easy for banks to assume that customers don’t want or won’t miss having an omni-channel experience with their banks – but they would be wrong. The trouble is that often the term omni-channel is misunderstood, misused or taken far too literally and applied to single interactions. Omni-channel isn’t only about using every new technology and channel at your disposal just because you can. The much-touted example of St. George bank in Australia using iBeacon to someone a personalized welcome...

Shift Happens: Webinar Recap

Renowned FinTech commentator Sam Maule stopped by Backbase to deliver a talk on the changes taking place in payments. Sam, who is also Consulting Manager at Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group, has identified the key drivers that are powering a shift in the way we think about innovation in payments. Sam used his own personal experiences, as well as some great quotes to underline many of his points. The key message being that we are living through a revolution in...
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