FinovateEurope 2014 Best of Show: The Digital Sales & Mobile Enrollment Module.

With abandonment rates for online and mobile forms reaching up to 60% in some cases, poor enrollment forms can result in a huge loss for financials. The new Digital Sales and Enrollment Module allows banks to streamline complex processes and remove friction, which drastically reduces abandonment rates, resulting in increased online sales.

The key features in the newly launched module include advanced targeting and segmentation rules within the Backbase digital marketing engine, which will help digital marketers at financial institutions optimize their digital sales campaigns. Also included are new out-of-the-box enrollment and origination capabilities that cover the entire digital application process, utilizing device specific features, like employing the camera on mobile devices to take pictures and using character recognition (OCR) to automatically pre-fill forms. The enrollment process is completely omni-channel ready; its possible to start an application on one device and continue on any other device, or in any other channel with a seamless handover and orchestration between channels.

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