Lean Portal Architecture

The Real Lean Portal

Backbase CXP is a loosely coupled presentation layer that sits on top of your existing systems. It helps you to compose truly customer-centric dialogs across any device, and combines content, data, and functionality from different underlying systems (silos) into a new, fresh, UX presentation layer. Backbase CXP is based on ‘lean architecture’ principles and, unlike traditional portals, is up and running within months, not years.

Most Visionary

Backbase CXP has been placed in the ‘Visionary’ quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals for three years running. In 2013 Backbase leapt to the front of the pack to become the most visionary in terms of ‘product vision’ and ‘ability to execute’. Backbase CXP was also praised for its speed of innovation and rapid portal deployment with Gartner stating “Backbase is among the most highly regarded portal vendors in terms of time to implement.”.

In The Great Portal Divide 2011, Gartner wrote:

“Lean portals are unburdened by the bulk and legacy of comprehensive suites… they often get customers to their desired value more quickly than portal products from larger, more established providers. While organizations adopting traditional, heavyweight portals may take years to avail themselves of even 20% of the full range of capabilities, organizations adopting lean portals employ 80% of the functionality they need within months.”

Application Integration

A lean application integration architecture is essential for creating superior online customer experiences. Relevant information and functionality are often stuck in multiple legacy systems making them difficult to integrate with. Backbase CXP is able to pull any content, applications, or functionalities from these silos and combine all of it into fresh, new interfaces, or composite applications, without compromising enterprise security. It lets you define routing and mediation rules that connect your new presentation layer to your enterprise service bus (ESB / SOA), or directly to your underlying legacy systems.

Loosely Coupled Presentation Layer

By deploying a new user experience (UX) layer over your existing core systems we are able to create what is knowns as a 'loosely coupled architecture’. This means that your back-end systems continue to run independently, and modifications to them won't have a big impact on the UX layer. At the same time, the UX layer can be optimized and enhanced without any major back-end dependencies.

Integrated Security

Managing user permissions across multiple applications is absolutely crucial for any enterprise. Every business needs to ensure that people, customers and employees, are only able to access the information and functionality that is relevant to them. Backbase CXP integrates seamlessly with your existing security infrastructure, including Identity Management (IdM) and Single Sign-on (SSO) systems among others. It comes with predefined security connectors that link with any external authentication providers to keep your digital business and your online customer interactions 100% safe and secure.

Ready to Launch

Backbase CXP is a full-service customer experience platform that is designed to give your business everything you need to deliver the superior digital experience your customers deserve, on any device they choose. It is the only platform that includes Launchpad, the portal-in-a-box with ready-made widgets to get your project off the ground fast. Backbase CXP is deployed over your existing systems and aggregates the content, applications, and functionality relevant to each individual customer, and transforms tired applications and raw data into a rich, interactive customer experience.

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