Backbase for Insurance Providers

Omni-Channel Experiences, Ready to Go!

We help insurance providers to improve online sales and self-service via all digital channels, from web to mobile. Backbase leverages your existing policy administration systems capabilities and adds a modern customer experience layer on top. Creating direct to consumer portals and apps as well as improving agent and employee portals.

Insurance Capabilities for Digital Transformation

Backbase comes with all the commonly used widgets and industry best practices that a digital insurance model requires: login, two-factor authentication, aggregated product overview, product details, quote & buy, self-service forms, message center, and document center.

All Backbase widgets can be rapidly integrated with your existing policy administration system(s) and other core systems. Backbase widgets are optimized for regular browsers and are pre-included in the mobile app, which is optimized for Android, iOS and Windows. Also included in Backbase is the complete cross-device UX design, with responsive techniques and easy templating built-in for further customization.

Origination: Quote & Buy

  • Create effective and smooth origination and digital sales process
  • Increase sales conversion and minimize abandonment rates
  • Cut back on the ‘paper trail’, and simplify your processes.
  • Target relevant digital marketing & sales campaigns.

My Applications

  • ‘Track & Trace’ feature for all product applications and service requests.
  • Direct, real time communication during the origination process.
  • Clear overview of of ‘to-do’s’, required documents, and conversations related to a new applications.
  • Total transparency regarding the status, process, and reasons for final decisions.

My Dashboard

  • Link your core business applications together and create a comprehensive, easy to grasp ‘My Dashboard” environment.
  • Create optimized ‘My Dashboard” environments for different stakeholders: customers, agents, and employees.
  • Empower your employees with smart widgets and mobile apps that increase operational efficiency.
  • Create special agent or affiliate portals and mobile apps to improve collaboration and channel efficiency.

Self Service

  • Empower self-directed customers to complete their goals, while lowering the cost per contact.
  • Aim for simplicity and remove all potential roadblocks and eliminate the need for customers to step away from the process to ask for assistance.
  • Reduce the load on your physical customer support operations and build long term mutually rewarding relationships with your clients.

My Products

  • Deep insight in to all products and services active.
  • Full control over all products and use with self-service governance over origination, payment schedules, and inventory.
  • Including Track & Trace for ongoing communications or open cases.

My Profile

  • Engage customers by allowing them manage to their own personal profile.
  • Easy-to-update contact information and communication preferences.
  • Clear overview of purchased products services, including historical records.
  • Total overview and management of services.


  • Secure messaging inbox.
  • Secure, real-time communication between bank and customer.
  • Mobile notifications, push messages, email alerts, and more.
  • Option to receive statements from selected vendors.

Document & Research Center

  • Document library to store all documents, application administration, scanned receipts, and bills.
  • Access to research documents and interesting articles.

Secure Access

  • Three layered security model: anonymous login, soft-login, hard login.
  • Integrated multi-factor authentication (MFA) via token device, mobile app, or SMS.
  • Ability to require step-up authentication for high risk transactions.
  • Option for soft-login via social login (Facebook and Twitter).

Contextual Support

  • Contextual assistance via smart help and guided navigation.
  • Ability to contact customer service via chat or phone from within the form.
  • Automated Form “hand-over” to customer support employee for personal assistance.
  • Cross-device orchestration functionality ensures that customers never have to start a form from scratch when switching devices.


  • Use smartphone or tablet camera to capture paper documents.
  • Leverage optical character recognition (OCR) to pre-fill forms.
  • Real-time back-end integration to pre-fill forms with known data.
  • Integrate with best-of-breed digital signature technology.

Integrate with your PAS

  • Backbase sits on-top of your existing back-end systems allows you to manage all digital customer interactions.
  • Comes with connectors to commonly used policy administration systems (PAS) such as Guidewire and Sapiens.
  • Create beautiful and efficient customer experiences that combine easy to use and efficiency.

Backbase Forms

  • Powerful reasoning and logic engine, allows complex derivations, prioritizations, and dependencies to be defined quickly and clearly.
  • Design the process that routes the forms input to the right systems and people within your organization.
  • Create reusable building blocks such as forms elements, validation & business rules, presentation templates and backend integration connectors.
  • Reuse forms building blocks across multiple channels, devices and user groups.

Backbase Forms Studio

  • Advanced design environment that business analysts can use to create and manage form definitions, conditions, rules, and flows.
  • Translate the needs of business stakeholders into manageable form definitions and workflows.
  • One-stop-shop for designing the underlying forms model and creating the user interaction through dialogs, dynamic questionnaires, and work lists.
  • Maintain the links with relevant internal systems and databases, and manage relevant business logic, and semantics, such as business rules, decision trees, and tables.

Digital Marketing Capabilities: Empower Business & Marketing Teams

Backbase can be easily managed and optimized by the business teams at your bank. With full web content management (WCM), digital marketing, and mobile application development support, content editors and digital marketers can optimize content, run digital marketing campaigns, and edit the entire website, secure internet banking platform, and mobile apps in an easy-to-use management environment.

Visual Editor

  • Easy-to-use in-context-editing capabilities to update content and apps across marketing sites, secure internet banking and mobile apps.
  • Customizable workflows for verification and publication rules.
  • Reuse content and content assets across all digital touchpoints.

Targeting & Analytics

  • Target content, widgets, and apps based on existing customer segments and customized targeting rules that use behavioral, contextual, social, and CRM derived data.
  • Use information gathered via the PFM module (including 3rd party accounts and products) for cross- and up-sell and gain extra insight in the total size of wallet.
  • Integrated analytics spanning all channels, including regular web, mobile apps, and tracking every action, from page views to events.
  • A/B and Multivariate testing.

Omni-Channel Campaigns

  • Create and manage omni-channel marketing campaigns from a centralized dashboard.
  • Distribute campaigns to your marketing site, internet banking platform, native mobile apps, social channels, and 3rd party websites.
  • Facilitate omni-channel onboarding and track visitors across channels to ensure consistent messaging and a singular process.

Mobile Management

  • Gain full control over the customer journey on mobile from updating responsive websites, to pushing new content and campaigns to native apps.
  • Instant preview of mobile customer experiences before publishing.
  • Advanced mobile and cross-device analytics. Track a single user as they navigate between devices and channels.

Direct Customer Communication

  • Communicate directly with your customers via the integrated message center.
  • Push important notifications and alerts to customers’ mobile devices.
  • Offer real-time customer/advisor communication services.
  • Integrated Click-2-Chat and Click-2-Call functions for easy access to your call center.

Origination & Self Service

  • Facilitate smooth, cross-channel, onboarding on any device.
  • Enable customer self-service and self-management.
  • Empower business teams to create, edit, manage, and optimize forms and the business logic behind them.

Mobile First

Backbase is ready to run on any mobile operating system out-of-the-box. It is pre-optimized for cross-channel customer journeys where a transaction begins on one device but ends on another. Typically, a customer may begin researching loan interest rates on their mobile but move on to another device, such as a tablet or PC, to fill in the form. They may also contact the call center for assistance in completing the form, in which case the service representative can look over the customer’s shoulder ‘virtually speaking’, and guide them through the application.

Backbase comes with a responsively designed marketing website and internet banking environment that automatically scales to the screen it’s being viewed on, whether that’s a 24” monitor or a small smartphone. It also includes a hybrid app, wrapped in native app containers, and completely native iOS and Android apps that use back-end API’s to consume the required data. You can choose one approach or mix and match until you find the mobile strategy that best suits you and your customers. Backbase supports all the most commonly used platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows.

Backbase Open Banking Marketplace

We at Backbase believe banks and credit unions should regain control over their own digital experience. With the Open Banking Marketplace we give the opportunity to integrate best of breed apps in your Backbase powered digital bank. From PFM to Rewards. From Social Tools to Digital Marketing; an open platform where best-of-breed vendors offer choice to financial institutions.

Visit the Open Banking Marketplace

Trusted by Many

Backbase is trusted by the largest financials across the globe: ABN AMRO, Barclays, Hiscox, Nationwide, VISA, and UBS, are all improving their digital channels and customer experience with Backbase technology. Industry analyst Gartner has named Backbase the most visionary vendor for online portals three years running, and Ovum named Backbase a Market Leader in next-generation online banking experiences. Recently, Forrester gave Backbase full marks for cross-channel banking experiences.


Demo: See it in Action

With easy to use content editing, forms modeling, workflow and publishing functions, pre-built widgets, configurable master pages, and digital marketing tools, the complete customer experience can be optimized and fine-tuned without IT support.

Backbase CXP comes with a powerful targeting engine that will help you create personalized sales campaigns and increase your online sales. The integrated web analytics features give your digital marketing team full insight in your customers' online experience. Watch more videos

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