Acclaimed financial services commentator Chris Skinner, talks about how money is being digitalized and what this means for banks.

Join Jouk Pleiter, CEO and Co-Founder of Backbase, and Chris Skinner, founder of the Financial Services Club to learn all about how social media and mobile are changing the banks in the coming 5 years. In this webinar: Money Is Meaningless.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Since PayPal began, we have seen money being digitized

  • Now mobile is booming, the whole mechanism of money and customer interaction is being revolutionized

  • Add to this Facebook credits and other virtual currencies, and you soon realise it's not about money but it's about value

  • Value management in all its forms - money, knowledge, ideas, time, goods, services, trade - is the critical focus for tomorrow's institutionsWhat does it mean for you?

Chris Skinner is the CEO of Balatro Ltd and the founder of the Financial Services Club. He is a respected industry keynote speaker, the author of several books on the future of banking, and writer of the well-known blog The Finanser.

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