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Senior Agile Coach

Krakow - Products

Senior Agile Coach

In your role as Senior Agile Coach, your primary objective is to enhance the effectiveness of the teams in your value stream by promoting the application and adoption of an Agile mindset along with Agile product and engineering methods. You collaborate with squad leadership to identify challenges, and alongside them and the team, you adopt an outcomes-focused approach to drive improvements. This includes elevating processes and practices that facilitate successful stakeholder and delivery outcomes.

What you'll do

Furthermore, you are an active member of an Agile community of practice within your value stream, as well as on an R&D level where you are involved in nurturing innovation, ensuring sustainable product delivery, and promoting alignment of practices. Across R&D, where suitable, you are collaborating with the Principal Agile Coaches to ensure consistency and alignment on agile practices, workshops, and training materials.
As a champion for agile culture, you will play a pivotal role in your value stream in advancing the overall delivery of value by promoting collaboration and a customer focus. To suit our dynamic environment, you will introduce techniques that promote self-sufficiency, autonomy, adaptability and flexibility in the face of unpredictable circumstances. Across the teams in the value stream you provide insights and recommendations on engagement level as well as overall effectiveness.
You will proactively advise on resolving challenges related to the adoption and application of agile, product and delivery management methodologies, in the value stream, with a focus on the squad level. As a catalyst for change, you are promoting agile principles and values across the value stream. Through coaching, mentoring, and teaching, you inspire Engineering Managers, Product Managers, and other squad leadership roles in the value stream to embrace Agile, product- and delivery management methodologies as well as people-centric practices in order to improve towards a high engagement. You work to smoothen cross squad dependencies and enable teams and other roles in the value stream to remove blockers and uncertainty.
Within your value stream you define and optimize agile strategy guidelines with the Engineering Managers ( operating models, agile practices, etc.) and collaborate with other agile coaches across the value streams to build scalable improvements.You are an essential part of the checks and balances and take responsibility keeping the squads in your value stream running smoothly. You support changes and initiatives across R&D, and engage with the agile guild, other guilds, or other Backbase departments to address emergent challenges.

Who you are

● A minimum of 7 years experience in software engineering environment and/or 4 as an Agile Coach or similar role (e.g. Scrum Master), in complex environments, ideally within the fintech or financial services industry.
Ideally, took part in further relevant formal training programmes (e.g. PSM II, SAFe, LeSS, ICP-ACC, etc.).
● Proven track record in cross-team optimisations and improvements
● Experience in assessing the current state of agility and maturity of teams and organizations, and providing feedback and recommendations for improvement
● Experience in coaching and mentoring change agents, engineering managers and engineers
● Experience in establishing and tracking metrics and indicators to measure the impact and value of agile transformation

Desirable Traits:
● Strong Communicator: Has the ability to convey ideas effectively and establish meaningful connections with diverse stakeholders.
● Pragmatic Problem Solver: Balances ideal best practices with the practical compromises demanded by real-world situations.
● Self-Starter: Demonstrates a proactive and self-driven approach, identifying and tackling issues without waiting for external direction.
Innovative Thinker: Draws upon experience, learning, and research to navigate and address novel challenges effectively.
● Sharp Analytical Mind: Exhibits a keen ability for critical and analytical thinking in a variety of situations.
● Dedicated Self-Improver: Demonstrates a proactive and introspective approach to personal growth.
● Collaborative Team Player: Emphasizes teamwork and collaborative approaches in all endeavors, fostering unity and shared success.

Knowledge & Application

● Embodies Agile Values and Principles: Can demonstrate and promote Agile values and principles, facilitating their adoption by others.
● Versatile Knowledge Application: Can proficiently apply various frameworks and methods in diverse scenarios, assessing their value in each context.
● Scaling Framework Familiarity: Possesses a solid understanding of scaling frameworks, including SAFe, Nexus, and LeSS.
● Continuous Learning: Ideally, has participated in formal training programmes such as PSM II, SAFe, LeSS, ICP-ACC, etc., to strengthen Agile knowledge.
● Advocates for Technical Excellence: Effectively communicates the benefits of robust technical practices within a multi-team environment.
Inter-Team Collaboration: Can apply diverse techniques to foster improved collaboration between teams.
● Product & Delivery management knowledge: Experience with, and good understanding of agile product management methodologies and agile delivery management methodologies.
● Technical Competency: Has a strong grasp of the context in technical discussions pertaining to software delivery. Possesses exceptional knowledge of the commonly used tools for organizing and evaluating the performance of your value stream.

Complexity & Problem Solving
● Effective Meeting Facilitator: Can proficiently lead meetings and workshops, fostering collaboration and productive outcomes.
● Conflict Resolution: Demonstrates the ability to navigate and resolve conflicts within teams and across stakeholders.
● Analytical Thinking: Can utilize analytical skills to assess complex problems, breaking them down into manageable components.
● Root Cause Analysis: Can enable the identification of root causes of issues and impediments, developing strategies for effective resolution.
● Innovative Solutions: Proposes innovative and practical solutions and approaches to overcome challenges and improve processes.

Collaboration & Interaction
● Clear Communicator: Can communicate complex concepts clearly, tailoring explanations to the audience's level of understanding.
● Teaching: Facilitates the transfer of Agile knowledge and practices to team members and stakeholders.
● Coaching: Can provide coaching support to individuals focused on continuous improvement, problem-solving, and applying Agile practices.
● Effective Stakeholder Collaboration: Can collaborate effectively with stakeholders across various levels of the value stream to ensure alignment of Agile practices with organizational goals


Our Perks

Loud and busy sometimes but always friendly, helpful, and super fun. We love to celebrate each other’s achievements, share jokes, and our love for food, movies, traveling, and sports. We’re one big and diverse family working towards the same goal.


Private health insurance for you and your family members.

Training budget

Specific budget for your personal development.


Access to Insight Timer app - increase well-being and balance in our daily lives.


Referral bonus incentive for bringing the best talent.


You can wear clothes you feel comfortable in.

High spec equipment

We provide all employees with high-spec Macs and tech set up.

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