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Junior QA Engineer

Amsterdam - Products

Junior QA Engineer

As a Junior QA Engineer, you get a chance to contribute to development of our digital banking platform with focus on a quality deliverable.

What you'll do

With guidance from a Senior QA Engineer, you develop, enhance and execute manual and automated tests that cover functional and non-functional requirements (such as Accessibiltiy), provide test evidence and reports and comment on test designs and plans. You astonish your team and key stakeholders with your eagerness to learn about our product and testing processes.

Your passion for quality extends beyond scripting tests. You have an eye for detail and contribute to continuously improving the testing process in your team. You are able to explain your testing findings. You also understand the value of collaboration and soliciting opinions and approaches. Therefore, you ask for advice and consider different possibilities.

Who you are

● Starting to learn test automation or have some basic experience in it, and learning about test automation rules and standards from the QA guild.
Testing Knowledge: Understand different testing levels and types, and practice test design using test methodologies with guidance from a senior QA engineer.
● Capable of executing designed test cases and reporting findings comprehensively, sometimes with help from a senior engineer.
QA Tools and Frameworks: Familiar with the fundamental frameworks and tools used for QA and testing.
● Able to set up your environment and use basic tools with assistance from a senior QA engineer.
● Aware of important non-functional quality aspects such as accessibility and performance, and studying available recorded accessibility trainings and documentation.
● Understand how an automated test run works in the organization's selected CI/CD system with the help of a senior QA engineer, and know and understand the CI/CD phases.
● Understand the basics of debugging and the tools used for it, capable of debugging a failing test case, and identifying problems with the help of a senior QA engineer.


Our Perks

Loud and busy sometimes but always friendly, helpful, and super fun. We love to celebrate each other’s achievements, share jokes, and our love for food, movies, traveling, and sports. We’re one big and diverse family working towards the same goal.


Free, healthy lunches every day. Plus snacks and drinks.


Friday parties every month. Office boat you can use with your team.


Discounted gym membership through our corporate fitness plan.

Training budget

Specific budget for your personal development.


You can wear clothes you feel comfortable in.

High spec equipment

We provide all employees with high-spec Macs and tech set up.

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