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Senior Business Analyst

Amsterdam - Customer Success

Senior Business Analyst

As a Senior Business Analyst in CS, your goal is to define the essential requirements to enable our customers to achieve their objectives and realize their customer experience vision through a product-led adoption of the Backbase Engagement Banking Platform.

What you'll do

You work closely with both our customers and development/SCRUM teams. You are the customer’s proxy product owner for a project and guide the team in making the right choices to maximize project and customer success. Our clients and implementation partners see you as a trusted consultant. You analyzeand prioritize customer needsfor new customer experience initiatives, using a product first approach to translate them into requirements which make best use of the Backbase product. You identify product improvements and harvestable features. You define and actively improve best practices in your day-to-day work. You provide guidance to clients on the best usage of our product as well as customization. Where customisation might be necessary you also work with Backbase R&D colleagues to explore all out-of-the-box product options and where product cannot be used you recommend enhancements to the product. On the customer side, you are managing expectations and helping them translate their vision into a sound project backlog. You are seen as a financial services industry and Backbase product expert by clients. You lead engaging workshops with our customers to identify all functional requirements needed. You actively contribute to the BA Chapter/Guild. You also provide some amount of mentoring to less experienced Business Analysts.

Who you are

●5-7 years of experience in a similar role;
●-3+ years of experience in Banking or in the Financial services industry;
●Ideally, at least 1 year’s experience of the Backbase product;
●Expert at Agile methodologies and related frameworks like Scrum or Kanban;
●Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Business, IT or similar;
●Professional working proficiency in the English and local language;
●Certification associated: IIBA CCB.

Competencies / skills
Result driven:

●Part of a Core Team or multisquad projects as first BA;
●Can take responsibility for 1 product line within 1 customer;
●Full Scope and Business Control over product and functional related items;
●Accountable thoroughness of Bookkeeping in the Project Jira (Scope, Backlog quality, Feature requests to product, CR initiation to DM);
●Ability to guide clients on best usage of product vis-a-vis customizations;
●Can influence the enhancement of the Backbase product by recommending feature improvements and representing the customer’s objectives to Backbase R&D;
●Is able to create custom delivery models, with the acceptance of a delivery role;
●Ability to act as either a trusted consultant for clients/SI's or execute projects inhouse when applicable;
●Responsible for structure of project & project documentation;
●Responsible for actively driving the customer implementation towards adoption of product with minimal customization;
●Responsible for keeping customer requirements within agreed scope and ensuring proper change control for functional requirements to prevent scope creep.
●Responsible for writing and organizing user stories and epics, feature requests and MAINTS (product bug reports), teaching proper formatting to others.

Communication skills:

●Persuasion and Influence → Ability to persuade and influence key decision-makers, fostering collaboration and ensuring alignment between strategic business objectives and numerous project deliverables/demands;
●Advanced active listening → Exceptional ability to listen attentively and interpret the needs, concerns, and requirements of stakeholders, team members, and clients;
●Clear and concise written communication → Mastery in creating well-structured, concise, and easy-to-understand documents, reports, and presentations that effectively convey complex information;
●Facilitation skills → Expertise in leading meetings, workshops, and group discussions, ensuring that all participants have a chance to contribute and that the discussion stays focused on objectives;
●Strong interpersonal skills → Exceptional ability to build and maintain relationships with clients, stakeholders, and team members at all levels of an organization;
●Effective presentation skills → Expertise in delivering engaging and informative presentations tailored to the audience's level of expertise and understanding;
●Negotiation Skills → Proficiency in negotiating effectively with clients and stakeholders to reach mutually beneficial agreements and ensure project success;
●Persuasion and Influence → Ability to persuade and influence key decision-makers, fostering collaboration and ensuring alignment between business objectives and project deliverables;
●Conflict Resolution → Skill in identifying, addressing, and resolving conflicts between team members, clients, and stakeholders in a professional and timely manner;
●Empathy and Emotional Intelligence → Demonstrated ability to show empathy and emotional intelligence when dealing with team members, clients, and stakeholders;
●Adaptability and flexibility → Mastery in adapting communication style and approach to suit different situations, audiences, and cultural norms;
●Advanced collaboration and teamwork → Expertise in fostering a collaborative environment and open communication among team members;
●Technical Communication → Proficiency in communicating complex technical concepts and information to non-technical stakeholders in a clear and accessible manner.

Product knowledge:

●Capable of articulating the roadmap to customers in an engaging way.;
●Need to be specialized in at least 1 product line (Retail, SME, Onboarding, Lending, Investing);
●Accountable for building product knowledge and fostering continuous learning for self and team members;
●Constantly mentors the core team on BB roadmap evolution and nuances in product catalog, value proposition, value of initiatives like Model Bank, Grand Central etc.;
●Expert at navigating BB OOTB journeys installed on his/her mobile phone and is confident in demo'ing the same to customers on a short notice;
●Responsible for identifying key BB product stakeholders across value streams to build a rapport and collaborative relationship on an ongoing basis;
●Understands perfectly the software development life cycle and has clear comprehension of Backbase products (Journeys and EBP) and how they work;
●Accountable for the quality of MAINTs and RFFs projects involved;
●Actively supports (and as needed, leads) localisation of the product;
●Accountable for publishing product milestone case studies in close consultation;
●Actively coaches PM(s) in building their product knowledge, BB value proposition, and the art of demo'ing to customers;
●Expert in drafting the production milestone case studies and actively collaborates with CS Leadership and Marketing team to curate the same;
●Capable of contributing to the presales efforts along with RVPs/ SE / Sales team.


Our Perks

Loud and busy sometimes but always friendly, helpful, and super fun. We love to celebrate each other’s achievements, share jokes, and our love for food, movies, traveling, and sports. We’re one big and diverse family working towards the same goal.


Free, healthy lunches every day. Plus snacks and drinks.


Friday parties every month. Office boat you can use with your team.


Discounted gym membership through our corporate fitness plan.

Training budget

Specific budget for your personal development.


You can wear clothes you feel comfortable in.

High spec equipment

We provide all employees with high-spec Macs and tech set up.

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