Banque de Luxembourg

builds a future proof platform and empowers Relationship Managers

Established in 1920, and with 900 employees, Banque de Luxembourg is one of the country’s leading private banks. Arising from parent company Crédit Mutuel, it offers a range of private and professional banking services. The bank has played a key role in Luxembourg’s growth as a financial centre, and has been a steadfast feature of society there for generations.

In 2016, the bank began to contemplate how this project might take shape and started to define requirements. The initial scoping of the work, where Relationship Managers were asked to describe the perfect CRM and client presentation tool, produced over 40 requirements.

Upon seeking a solution, it quickly transpired that the market simply didn’t offer what they needed. The right combination of CRM, client presentation tool, compliance and data protection was difficult to find. An investigation into the different vendors revealed that none fitted the bank’s requirements. As a result, they opted for a customized solution and turned to Backbase to build the platform they needed.

Markus Seel, Product Owner at Banque de Luxembourg notes how Backbase’s positive spirit and deep understanding of the industry helped to drive the project:

“I think we almost had the perfect match, the atmosphere was open and positive and everybody was willing to participate. The spirit was good and that helped a lot. We also got to influence the priority list for widget delivery, so Backbase slotted into our rollout plan. This added velocity and within one year we hit go-live with the first product.”

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