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Essential resources for banking executives:Enter ‘Banking Reinvented’
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Future of Financial Services, New Zealand 2024

Repositioning New Zealand as a hub of innovation

Join Backbase at the 13th Annual Future of Financial Services in Auckland on June 19, 2024. This esteemed event will be held at the luxurious Cordis, Auckland, bringing together the brightest minds in the banking and financial sector to discuss and explore the cutting-edge technologies reshaping New Zealand’s financial landscape.

Hear from Backbase experts:

  • Don’t miss our keynote presentation where Jeremy Thomas will explore progressive modernization in banking. Learn how embracing new technologies can drive your bank's continuous competitiveness and adapt to evolving financial landscapes.

Don’t miss the chance to reshape your banking strategies and operations. Meet with #TeamBackbase at the event to discover how our solutions can help you adapt to the ever-changing financial landscape and drive your bank’s success.

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Team Backbase

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Connect with us in Auckland to discuss your digital transformation journey and how Backbase can assist in achieving your strategic goals. Hover over and click to schedule a call at a time that suits you best.