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IDC x Backbase: Leadership Banking Insights Forum 2023 Philippines

10:00 am - 1:40 pm | Executive lunch at 1:40 - 2:40 pm

Accelerating Digital Transformation and Digital Differentiation

Strategies, learnings, approaches — actionable insights pivoting digital banking

By invitation only

IDC & Backbase Leadership Banking Insights Forum 2023 is where industry experts and banking leaders deep dive into innovation, acceleration, differentiation, customer experience, aspirations, possibilities and more in digital banking — empowering you with actionable insights to navigate the complexities of this mobile-first and digital-first platform era.

IDC Managing Director of Global Financial Insights, Cyrus Daruwala will be sharing grounded examples, benchmarks and steps to help you maneuver and grow in effectiveness in this new era of banking services within the Philippines landscape.


Connect with 60 leaders from top banks in the Philippines

  • Panel discussion and live Q&A
  • A Networking lunch

Business and Technology panels discuss the most pressing topics

  • What makes digital banking a success
  • The play beyond digital transformation
  • Creating differentiations in digital lifestyle within the digital banking space
  • Accelerating the value and speed of digital banking
  • Unboxing digital customer experience modernisation
  • Resolving dilemma between CX and core architecture

Trends and use cases on how banks are innovating and what they are procuring

  • Re-using data and journeys for differentiating experiences
  • Grow ROI with superior digital lending capabilities
  • Collaborative experience between customer and banking employees for better customer service

Art of the possible by building on the engine room

  • Digital lending transformation - fast tracking secured loans
  • Connected fintech experiences
  • In-app personalisation feature
  • Integrating lifestyle capabilities into banking app
  • Intelligent insights - Cashflow forecasting for SME banking

This conference is by invitation only. All confirmed attendees are given complimentary entry to the conference and networking lunch together with IDC, the speakers and other participating delegates. Seats will be allocated on a first-request basis - RSVP closes on 19 June 2023.

Sponsored by

  • Bronze x Xebia

Our Speakers


Keynote and Panel Highlights

Discovery Primea Makati, 6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226, Manila, Philippines

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04:35 - 05:00

IDC Keynote | Accelerating a Future-proof & Customer-Centric Digital Banking

While technology platforms have enabled companies like Netflix, Amazon and Shopify to disrupt their respective markets and elevate them as industry icons, the term “platform architecture” has become a misnomer, such that banks who are on supposed platforms are not reaping the true value of a platform nor achieving high-performance or differentiated CX. IDC’s keynote creates cut-through clarity on how banks can own a digital banking platform that fulfils their CX vision.

05:00 - 05:20

Backbase Keynote | Engagement Banking: Transforming CX in the Digital Real-World

Why are some banks leaders of the pack in digital banking? They seem to be effortlessly impressing their customers in every customer lifecycle with frictionless and synchronous journeys across omnichannel, launching unique banking apps with savvy lifestyle features, activating personalised campaigns that drive higher adoption of new products, and be equipped with customer service which can confidently resolve customers’ issues. Backbase’s keynote deep-dives into banks have re-architected banking around their customers.

05:20 - 05:55

Business Panel | The Digital-First Play Beyond Digital Transformation

Many banks tend to believe that digital banking ends with digital transformation. Digital banking at its best delivers ROI in the form of CX gain, business growth, customer preference, and beyond banking breakthroughs. Find out how bankers of the decade reimagine the value and speed of digital banking in the digital-age as they discuss aspirations, realities and cornerstones in digital acceleration and meeting tomorrow’s digital expectations.

06:10 - 06:35

Dream Big: Delivering the Art of the Possible with Engagement Banking

Looking at evolving digital banking needs and expectations of consumers and business owners, many banks envision delivering a level of experience that is not quite mainstream. But is that truly achievable today? Imagine intelligent insights for business owners to forecast cashflow for SME banking; transforming digital lending by fast tracking secured loans; enriching retail banking with connected fintech experiences, in-app personalisation, and more.

06:35 - 07:05

Technology Panel | Accelerating Digital Innovation with Control and Freedom

Two ends of a pole - can control and freedom be achieved together in the banking technology architecture? Find out how the CTO vision for digital banking by tech banking leaders, and how they are breaking away from the chains of silos and using technology to enable them to achieve the freedom to innovate.

07:05 - 07:15

IDC Closing Keynote | Steps to Digital Acceleration and Differentiation

Recalibrating banking customer experiences is about the ability to take action to build your vision. This forum promises strategies, learnings, approaches — actionable insights pivoting digital banking. IDC wraps up the session by providing you with the how-tos in creating a blueprint for digital acceleration and differentiation, the essence to decision making and cost analysis and strategies to getting boardroom buy-in for your plans.

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