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IDC India Financial Services Summit Mumbai

Backbase - Special Level Sponsor

Across India, the future of financial services holds immense promise. While the region's GDP is expected to see growth of 3.4% in 2024, IDC predicts that technology spending by India-based banks will increase by 6%.

Yet, the largest pain point for banks when navigating digital transformation is in maintaining stability and minimizing downtime (47.8%), followed by managing operational risks of migration (43.7%).

At this year's summit, IDC identifies two focus areas that are critical for Indian banks to achieve operational excellence, customer-centrity, and growth in 2024 and beyond:
1. Digital to elevate customer engagement, enable ecosystem banking and drive product differentiation
2. Digital transformation that can strengthen business resiliency

In alignment with these critical focus areas, Backbase will delivering a compelling keynote on

Backbase Keynote | 6.45pm
The ROE of Innovation: Engagement Elevation and Resilience in Transforming the Bank

Banks in India are delivering sleeker UI/UX and front-end experiences, but is the back-end engine room and enterprise infrastructure keeping up with the massive avalanche of upstream changes and dynamic additions?

Tech debt and the cost of innovation have become mainstream discussions as banks and the RBI progressively experience the effects of working with duct-taped silos and legacy systems. The imbalance between front-end and back-end modernization has resulted in dysfunctional streamlined systems in digital onboarding, transactions, and customer servicing.

In this keynote, Backbase deep-dives into the complexities of creating simple and sleek UI, the intricacies of the engine room essential for maintaining resilience in hygiene factors, and explains how banks can balance and quantify the cost of running the bank while transforming the bank.

Meet Backbase’s leadership team onsite for a 1:1 discussion

For banking executives keen to take the keynote conversation further, our leadership team are onsite to offer expert advisory and consultation on maximizing innovation ROE, managing tech debt, elevating customer engagement, and driving progressive modernization.

If you need a pass, we are happy to provide you one to meet you onsite.

Date: 13 June 2024
Time : 1600 - 2200
Venue: Jio Convention Center

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Team Backbase

Backbase India Leadership Team Onsite

Request for a pass | Onsite meeting scheduling


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