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IDC TNBT CXO Dinner Roundtable

Future of Innovation: Digital SME, Investing and Customer Fulfillment in One Unified, Cloud Native Solution

IDC TH CIO Summit Backbase CXO roundtable web picture
25 JUNE 2024 | 4.30 - 8.00pm

CXO Dinner Roundtable
The IDC & Backbase CXO Roundtable is a closed-door forum for an exclusive group of industry and banking leaders across Southeast Asia to delve into transformative discussions on managing pressing imperatives to humanize technology, create tangible ROE, and demonstrate value in digital transformation while maintaining operational stability.

Key discussions
This roundtable dives into actionable strategies that redefine how banks architect their services around the consumer, the business owner, the mass affluent, and the high-net-worth individual..

  • How banks manage the challenge of "changing the bank while running the bank."
  • Defining the unique requirements to create personalization and tailored experiences in SME banking and lending
  • The role of the bank in meeting the expectations of the mass affluent for growing digital investing and wealth management needs
  • Technology choices in adopt, buying and building to impact ROE, growth and customer retention and catalyze digital transformation
  • Embedding lifestyle banking to achieve better CX, add-ons, and monetization

JW Marriott Bangkok

JW Marriott roundtable room


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