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Middle East & Africawebinar

Navigating the future of African banking

Insights from the African Digital Banking Transformation Report 2024

African banking is rapidly evolving with digital innovations like mobile money, cloud computing, AI, and blockchain reshaping the industry to meet customer demands.

Join our webinar to explore the most important digital trends in African banking, based on the findings of the 4th edition of The African Digital Banking Transformation Report. Produced by African Banker and Backbase, this report draws on survey data from over 150 banks across 35 countries, offering an in-depth analysis of current trends, innovations, and progress in digital transformation.

Why attend:

  • Insights into the latest digital banking trends and innovations

  • Understanding the progress and challenges of digital transformation in African banks

  • Strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty through digital initiatives

  • Knowledge on the impact of emerging technologies like AI, cloud computing, and blockchain

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