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The Digital Banker Southeast Asia Tour 2024 - Thailand

The Digital Banker’s Southeast Asia Tour 2024 is an exclusive thought leadership forum, which explores the future of financial services in Southeast Asia, amid the rapid digital transformation that is expected to markedly reshape the industry and fundamentally alter client engagements within the next decade.

Backbase is a sponsor in this event with booth and a keynote at 10.05am

Keynote @ 10.05 am | 16 May 2024

Diagnosis and tips to re-calibrate digitalization for Thailand’s banking economy

By Riddhi Dutta, Regional Vice President Asia, Backbase

Having engaged with numerous banking leaders across Asia, it’s evident that most of them have the right digitalization objectives : lowering cost-to-income ratio, reducing cost of customer acquisition, increasing top-line growth, centralizing banking around the customers, and increasing operational efficiency.

However, what are the underlying issues that result in 70% of banks in Asia failing in digital transformation, 50% of successful projects underperforming, and 50% of banks having planned measures to modernize infrastructure and architecture?

Especially in Thailand, where consumers and business owners exhibit the highest maturity, independence and need for empowerment across Asia, how can banks demonstrate their readiness to provide the anticipated digital banking experiences universally across retail banking, business banking, wealth management and customer servicing?

Meet us at Booth TT7

The Backbase Thailand team will be at Booth TT7 with plenty of customer stories to share. Let’s explore real-world innovations together that can help you surpass your objectives.

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