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Catch a glimpse of your bank’s future at Microsoft’s HQ in Seattle

Customers today demand that banks and financial institutions create wholly digital offerings that are centered around their needs, not the limitations of the backend technologies that underpin them. And as customer engagement and servicing go hand-in-hand, banks must ensure that their technology and infrastructure are prepared to support both their customers and the employees that service them.

That’s why we’ve united the best-in-breed technology of the Backbase’s frontend Engagement Banking Platform with Microsoft’s backend Cloud for Financial Services. Offering an enhanced end-to-end digital experience not just for solution-using back office employees, but for their customers as well.

Space is limited, reserve your spot for Thursday, March 9th, 2023.

Session & Workshop | 1:00 PM
Dinner & Drinks | 6:00 PM

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End-to-end digital banking solutions

During our joint event at Microsoft’s Headquarter, you’ll get a deep-dive into our technical and product collaboration, and also find out how we’re realizing our shared vision to develop truly end-to-end digital banking solutions.

You’ll step into the shoes of a bank’s customers and employees to better understand how bank employees can resolve customer problems quicker with our shared solution, and realize the top-line revenue growth associated with the cross and up-sell potential of truly delighted customers.

Together participants will join an interactive workshop and discuss together the future of banking. We’ll lay down the business root causes of the challenges keeping bank leaders up at night, as well as the accelerators and blockers within businesses to better understand the urgency driving digital transformation.

Here’s a look at the agenda:

  • Welcome

  • Backbase & Microsoft Cloud for FSI

  • Demo

  • Envisioning Workshop
    • How has banking changed since you started your career?

    • What should banking aspire to be?

    • What do we imagine the future of banking to be in 20 years?

  • Conclusion & Next Steps

  • Dinner

We hope to see you there!

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