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Small & Medium Business Owners Chase Value

Uncover why banking satisfaction drops when businesses grow

Canadian small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) are raising the bar when it comes to digital expectations. So it isn’t surprising that if the company grows and the bank can’t keep up, then satisfaction declines.

A recent survey by IDC, commissioned by Backbase, will help you understand why:

1. 30% of small- and medium-sized Canadian businesses are likely to change their banking relationship within 12 months

2. 40% want their main provider to offer financial benchmark information

3. It’s necessary to modernize branch visits via engaging digital self-service

Digital banking expectations are changing, meaning financial institutions need to quickly and seamlessly adjust.

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Canadian small business owners require more than transactional tools from their financial institutions to be resilient and thrive during disruptive times


Download the full report to learn more about satisfaction


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