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Helping future-proof the planet

For years, we’ve helped financial institutions future-proof their operations. And to ensure these institutions stand the test of time, we’re taking bold climate action – helping future-proof our planet alongside our worldwide network of Backbasers, partners, and peers.

But sustainability is more than just a buzzword to us, and change starts from within.

That’s why we’re measuring our emissions across our entire value chain, in collaboration with Normative, our partner on the net-zero journey. We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and we’ve even become a participant in the United Nations Global Compact.

We’re currently offsetting our carbon emitted in 2022 by investing in carbon removal and avoidance projects, and we’ve already taken great strides towards our net-zero goal. But we’re just getting started.

Go green scopes
Our net-zero journey

Taking action

We’re deeply committed to offsetting our environmental impact across our full value chain. We’ve got a number of exciting projects in the works, but here’s a look at what we’re doing now:

Reducing energy use

in our offices and switching to renewable energy, where possible

Engaging with our suppliers

to set clear expectations and drive sustainable climate action

Minimizing our travel

and encouraging less carbon-intensive means of transportation

Continuous monitoring

of our greenhouse gas emissions across the globe

Going green across an entire company doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years of full dedication from senior leadership, all the way down. But we’re passionate about our carbon net-zero goal, and we’re excited to see what we accomplish next, together.

Rentia Morcom,
Go-Green Manager

Our vision

We’re also determined to empower all Backbasers with the tools and tips they need to reduce their own environmental footprint. And soon, we’ll begin working with our partners and peers so we can take collective action together. In doing so, we hope to expand our impact and unite all of us around a shared vision of a net-zero economy.

If you want to find out more about our efforts so far – and our vision for the future – check out our 2022 Carbon Baseline Report, which includes:

  • Our annual global carbon footprint
  • A breakdown of our emissions
  • Energy consumption per entity
Go green our vision