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Navigating the Next Wave of Digital

There’s no question — the world has changed.

Concerns over finance have suddenly become even more pressing. So now more than ever, banks have an obligation to help the customers that trust them. As we all remain in isolation, providing the kind of digital services that allow people to properly manage their money is paramount.

So we’ve put together this page — an ongoing collection of insights and stories from industry leaders — to help guide financial institutions during this next wave of digital.

Consumer behavior has changed, now banks must change with it

Supporting our employees and supporting our customers is top of mind. With good reason. Recently a panel of experts dug into the changing landscape.There are no easy answers, but maintaining safety while still ensuring people can access their finances was a key issue.

From physical to digital

Covid-19 is making us lean more and more on digital technology. But that makes us wonder about the future of the branch. Industry analyst Ron Shevlin believes that it still has a place, even after the health crisis ends.

We can’t help but think of the economy

It’s perfectly natural to worry about the economy, even when there are more pressing matters at hand. That’s why we’re glad that Stuart Sopp, CEO of US challenger bank Current, came by. A lot was discussed, including how little things like virtual check deposit is helping Americans use their government stimulus money.

Digital transformation means always improving

The more we stay home, the more it becomes apparent how much we need digital technology. But as companies race to transform themselves, Jouk Pleiter sat down with African Banker to share how a digital transformation isn’t a one-and-done kind of thing, but rather about continuous self-improvement.

World map

Three opportunities

Where there’s a challenge, there’s a potential to make a meaningful change. We’ve thought a lot about credit unions and community banks recently — about their ability to make a meaningful impact on small communities. Digital can make that happen, so we’re taking a look at the challenges they often face on the road to change.

A Continent in Change

Digital technology has the power to create opportunity for the people it reaches. With African Banker, we explore what that means for the African continent.

“You are in the business of giving my kids an education.”

Banks are meant to help people. Neal Cross, the former CIO of DBS, gave us an impassioned reminder of what this industry stands for. In the age of Covid-19, this feels especially meaningful.