Building a Digital-First Credit Union

Traditionally, credit unions are often stuck with out-dated software offerings from monolithic legacy vendors. Siloed product lines, combined with new channels being added over time, result in a noticeably-broken, choppy customer experience across different touchpoints.

Over time, credit unions who accept the status-quo will continue to lose members due to disconnected customer experiences.

The most effective way for credit unions to combat their growing drop-off rates, is to replace their legacy vendors — which limit innovation speed and customer satisfaction — with a digital-first and omni-channel approach. That’s where Backbase comes into play.

The Backbase Digital-First Banking Platform enables credit unions to combine the best of old and new by placing an out-of-the-box customer experience layer on top of their legacy systems. This allows them to orchestrate engaging member journeys across multiple touchpoints, generating massive time & cost savings.

Download the full presentation to find out how Backbase can help you build a Digital-First Credit Union: