Identity & Access

Limit access to features and data and extend authentication in high-risk situations. Allow users to create their own views and customize them with preferred accounts or business metrics. Authorize payments on the go and access pending approval requests.

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Backbase Identity

Our unified Identity and access management solution provides intelligent access for customers, employees and partners so they can securely connect to all your digital and mobile banking applications and APIs. We help prevent security breaches, manage sensitive data and improve user engagement and productivity by optimizing the balance of security and convenience.

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Single Sign-on

Use adaptive authentication and SSO for one-click access to all your apps.

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User Management

Securely manage identity and profile data at scale.

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Multi-factor Authentication

Optimize security and convenience with additional authentication factors.

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Access Security

Enable dynamic, real-time access security for apps and APIs.

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Manage fine grained access control, approval policies and user consents.

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Support for 3rd Party Factors

YubiKey, Google Authenticator, RSA, Symantec, and Duo.

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Intelligent API Security

Detect and block API cyberattacks using artificial intelligence.

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Data Governance

Manage customer privacy and consent, and meet regulatory compliance

Analyst Recognition

Ovum’s Ultimate Leader: The Backbase Digital Banking Platform

Once again, Ovum lists the Backbase digital banking platform, as the Ultimate Market Leader. This prominent report, which summarizes each vendor’s digital banking platform capabilities, puts Backbase firmly at the forefront.

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User Management

One place to manage all your users, groups and devices, mastered in Backbase Identity or from any number of sources.

  • Securely store users and passwords.
  • Password policy with options for complexity.
  • Group-based password policy.
  • Rich attribute storage and transformation for supporting rich SAML and authorization scenarios based on attributes.
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Lifecycle Management

Automate user onboarding and offboarding with seamless communication between directories and multiple business applications.

  • Pre-Integrated Provisioning: Rich integrations for mastering and provisioning that support coarse-grain to fine-grain management.
  • Universal Directory: Directory and meta-directory, designed for integration to any app or directory, with lifecycle awareness and extensibility.
  • Prescriptive Lifecycle Orchestration: Sophisticated control of identities across lifecycle states with automation through rules, policies, workflows, and APIs for full customization.
  • Simple Access Governance: Identity governance with a focus on access and ease of use that provides account and entitlement reporting with comprehensive data.
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Multi-Factor Authentication

Implement a variety of different factors for authentication across usability and assurance levels:

  • Knowledge factors. Based on something the user knows (Security questions; passwords...).
  • Possession factors. Based on something the user has (SMS, Voice and Email OTP; Software OTP; Okta Verify Push).
  • Biometric factors. Based on something the user is (Physical and U2F Tokens; Biometrics-based).
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Entitlements Management

  • Detailed access and permission levels for all business functions, including approval levels and limits.
  • Easy reflection of organizational structure through the ability to manage company’s, accounts groups, users, and permission profiles.
  • Reduced risk by fine-tuning user’s ability to create and approve payments per type, amount or even device.
  • Facilitates easy management of all aspects of PISP, AISP and open banking.

From Channel Silos to Omni-Channel Platform

Rather than creating digital business functions for each channel, it makes sense to do everything once, and disperse to all channels via a central hub, an omni-channel digital banking platform to orchestrate customer interactions across any touchpoint.



Omni Channel Diagram 1 - Identity & Access ManagementOmni Channel Diagram Mobile - Identity & Access Management

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