Full control over your omni-channel digital experience

Create reusable widgets that span all your digital channels. Improve collaboration between UX designers and front-end developers. Rely on seamless customer journeys along all customer interfaces.

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User Experience Management

Our end-to-end Customer Experience Management (CXM) solution helps you to create an amazing experience every time your customers engage with your brand. And as touchpoints multiply, it’s no longer sustainable to craft an experience for each screen and channel. But with the capabilities of next-generation experience management, you can now deliver seamless customer journeys and handle whatever new technology that comes next.

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Omni-Channel Platform

Give your customer a connected experience as they move from your site, to your app, to an in-person visit.

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Widget-Based User Interface

Reuse widgets across multiple portals and devices for a consistent interface or combine them for a more dynamic experience.

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Single Page Applications

Provide your customer with a secure, fast, linear, and optimized navigation experience.

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Personal and Contextual Experience

Generate rich experiences optimized by context and a complete view of the customer.

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Content Management

Manage all your content, in multiple languages, and re-use it across any touchpoint.

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Campaign Management

Design and implement high impact cross- and upsell campaigns across all your touchpoints.

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Experience Manager

Use our visual editor to easily design and manage both web and mobile experiences.

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Microservices and Cloud-First

Jump into the future, with ultra fast deployments and cloud based scalability.

“We help businesses in financial services build trust with their customers by using data and technology to deliver consistent and relevant experiences across channels.”

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Create Seamless Omni-Channel Customer Experiences

  • Everything in one place - Unify content and functionality from multiple back-end systems into a unified customer experience across web and mobile touchpoints.
  • One Platform, Any Touchpoint - one central digital platform to orchestrate seamless, personalized, experiences across any channel and device.
  • Accelerate - your Digital Transformation with a robust digital platform that enables your bank to create a digital first business.
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Design System

  • Provides guidelines and UI components, supporting designers and developers in staying fully aligned throughout the development cycle.
  • Enable rapid prototyping via an always up-to-date Sketch Template that is fully aligned to the component library used by the engineering team.
  • Sketch Templates contain core visual styles - components, color swatches, iconography, and templates give designers an accelerator for UI/UX.
  • Leverage the Living Styleguide as a centralized place for all the existing UI components used across all widget collections.
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Content Management

  • Multilingual and multi-country - create experiences in multiple languages and locales.
  • Integrated content management - allows for re-use of the same content across multiple pages and applications.
  • Visual Editor - use the Page and App editors to easily configure all your web and mobile apps on the fly - without coding.
  • Compliant - Integrated user management and auditing capabilities to manage all interactions across your digital channels.
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Campaign Management

  • Leverage your data - Track customer behavior and preferences and connect to multiple data sources to fuel your campaigns.
  • Efficient - create and manage campaigns in a single location and distribute them in multiple presentation formats.
  • Run everywhere - run and optimize your campaigns across all your digital touchpoints - both web and mobile.
  • Valuable insights - Integrated analytics and reporting on campaigns effectiveness.

From Channel Silos to Omni-Channel Platform

Rather than creating digital business functions for each channel, it makes sense to do everything once, and disperse to all channels via a central hub, an omni-channel digital banking platform to orchestrate customer interactions across any touchpoint.



Omni Channel Diagram 1 - User Experience ManagementOmni Channel Diagram Mobile - User Experience Management

Analyst Recognition

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