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Emmanuel Onyeje joins Backbase as Regional Manager West Africa and Head of Nigeria

Emmanuel Onyeje joins Backbase as Regional Manager West Africa and Head of Nigeria

Backbase, the global Engagement Banking Platform leader, is pleased to announce it has hired Emmanuel Onyeje as Regional Manager West Africa and Head of its Nigeria operations. A former entrepreneur who worked in senior positions for some of Nigeria’s most renowned companies in the tech and banking sectors, he will oversee Backbase development in the region.

In his new position, Emmanuel will oversee Backbase’s strong development in the region with partnerships already effective with Microsoft Nigeria and regional banks. He will also nurture partnerships with local partners to add great value by adding new features to the engagement banking platform.

Backbase offers a totally new approach to the financial digitalization phenomenon currently taking place in Nigeria and in the rest of Africa. They believe traditional banks have a huge role to play in the future of finance, if only they can adjust to the fintech threat by focusing more on customer experience and SME lending. I could observe this firsthand in my positions and Backbase has the best platform available on the market to address these challenges.

Emmanuel Onyeje,
Regional Manager West Africa and Head of Nigeria at Backbase

Matthijs Eijpe, Regional Vice President for EMEA, stated:

We are thrilled to welcome Emmanuel in our Africa team. He is a perfect fit for the role and will play a strategic role in our development in the key Nigerian market and in the wider western Africa anglophone region. Nigeria is one of the most innovative places in the world when it comes to digital transformation and fintech has progressed at breakneck speed. As the partner of banks, we are here to help traditional lenders regain the initiative, which can be a question of survival for some of them.