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Neobanks and big tech have transformed what your customers expect. To keep up, banks must provide a modern experience with fast, flawless onboarding & origination.

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The Power of Backbase - Value Page | Onboarding & Origination

The Power of Backbase

We simplify the end-to-end journey of becoming a customer or applying for products, so you’ll earn loyalty, increase conversion rates and lower operational costs.

But security is paramount, so we use features like Facial Recognition and Smart Biometrics to keep everyone safe. It’s fewer steps, and happier customers.

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Onboard in
under 5 minutes

When it comes to onboarding your customers, time is of the essence. That’s why we keep speed in mind, so you can welcome newcomers in 5 minutes or less. More speed and less friction means fewer dropouts along the way.

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Orchestrate the
Entire Customer Lifecycle

It’s more than just opening accounts or applying for products. Out-of-the-box, Backbase Onboarding & Origination Services cover the entire digital engagement customer lifecycle — from acquisition and multi-product origination, to customer support and off-boarding.

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Digital Revenue

We help you turn customer knowledge- and document-gathering into a digital, seamless, and secure process. That minimizes manual work for your employees and lets them focus on what matters most: providing world-class experiences.

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Did we catch your interest?

At Backbase Connect 2019, Tim Rutten, VP Strategy & Propositions at Backbase, impressed thousands of high-level industry experts with a live demo of the Backbase Onboarding & Origination services. Watch the demo to find out how you can onboard customers in 5 minutes or less.

Start onboarding
in 5 minutes or less

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