Corporate Banking

Big corporations have unique demands.

We leverage and extend our modular banking capabilities into tailored solutions, so you can give your corporate customers what they really want: improved efficiency.

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Customer White - Corporate Banking

Empower your customers

Entitlement management, unlimited users, and third-party transaction export & integration are just a few of our tools that simplify corporate lives.

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Create Seamless Omni-Channel Customer Experiences

  • Everything in one place - Unify content and functionality from multiple back-end systems into a unified customer experience across web and mobile touchpoints.
  • One Platform, Any Touchpoint - one central digital platform to orchestrate seamless, personalized, experiences across any channel and device.
  • Accelerate - your Digital Transformation with a robust digital platform that enables your bank to create a digital first business.
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My Money Dashboard

  • Create ‘My Money Dashboards’ targeted to different customer segments.
  • Total end-customer control: add or remove widgets and create customized dashboards with drag and drop functionality.
  • Personal preferences remembered for every device so customers can easily navigate to their personal dashboard, optimized for the relevant device.
  • Display actionable insights and targeted promotions to individual users.
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Accounts and Products Overview

  • Aggregate balances can be viewed or downloaded as needed, while the Backbase app provides on-the-go overviews.
  • Clear, graphical views help to identify trends.
  • Set favourite accounts for easy, application-wide access.
  • AI provides the ability to predict customer actions.
  • Alerts where needed and simple repair actions.
  • Optimize investments in various currencies and cut exchange rate costs.
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Unified Money Movement

  • Intuitive money transfer tools, which support multiple types of transfers, including Person to Person (P2P) or Account to Account (A2A) or Member to Member (M2M) payments.
  • Both domestic and international payments are supported.
  • Scheduled and recurring payments are supported.
  • Integrates with social address books so customers can securely transfer money to friends via an email address or mobile phone number.
  • Review tool to monitor pending and scheduled payments.
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Payment Batches

  • Automated processing and export of letters or documentation, like Letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantee.
  • Real-time, 360 degree views of all transactions.
  • Spot, forwards and futures contracts handled in real-time with ease.
  • Connect easily to other Trade Finance parties via APIs.
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Entitlements Management

  • Detailed access and permission levels for all business functions, including approval levels and limits.
  • Easy reflection of organizational structure through the ability to manage company’s, accounts groups, users, and permission profiles.
  • Reduced risk by fine-tuning user’s ability to create and approve payments per type, amount or even device.
  • Facilitates easy management of all aspects of PISP, AISP and open banking.
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Cash and Liquidity Managment

  • Real-time Liquidity Management backed up with powerful reporting.
  • Complete online reporting and analytics for Liquidity Management structures.
  • Cut operational complexity and costs with best-in-class self-service capabilities.
  • Easily integrated with existing cash management systems.
  • Powerful graphing capabilities simplify complex information to support decision making.
  • Boost customer revenues with enhanced ability to harvest up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
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Seamless Security

  • Reduce friction - create one global customer identity from any number of sources and enable single sign-on across multiple (back-end) applications.
  • Full control - grant access to the right person, with the right permissions, and the right time with our rules engine and contextual access management.
  • Adaptive security - provide a secure experience with a broad range of second factors that are customizable for the level of risk of your app.
  • Password-less - create an experience that balances security and usability.
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Multi-user Approval

  • Customers can set thresholds for individual users.
  • Real-time information for users on every step of payment or contact workflows.
  • Personalised lists show users which items require action.
  • Comment on payments or contacts to inform next users in a workflow.
  • Easy setup in Entitlements with profile templates.
  • Intuitive user interface allows multiple approvals and rejections in one action.
  • Mobile alerts and access to outstanding approval requests on the move.
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Account Aggregation

  • Multi-bank and credit card account aggregation.
  • Total net-worth insight, across multiple banks, real-time, within one superior customer experience.
  • Leverage 3rd party account data to drive smart sales campaigns and increase share of wallet.
  • Integrate strong customer authentication capabilities to authenticate online payments.
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Actions and Notifications

  • In-app notifications web and mobile.
  • Outbound notifications like push messages, SMS, email alerts, and more.
  • Notifications of unusual spending and low-balance warnings.
  • Sharing relevant personal finance insights or saving challenges.
  • Income/expense reports weekly, monthly, and annual.
  • Targeted merchant-funded offers based on actual spending behavior.
  • Create smart actions to receive alerts or automate payments.
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Secure Message Center

  • Easy integration with the existing customer contact center or front-office communication platform.
  • Secure mail messages can be used for any type of query, including those related to accounts and transactions, product information, or the explanation of an error message.
  • Secure Message Center is directly integrated with Notifications and Smart Actions, enabling notification of customers on the success or failure of scheduled payments, account balance alerts, when a daily limit increase is requested, and more.
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Smart Banking

  • Net Worth - Based on aggregated view over banking products, provide a net worth overview. Allow users to manually add other assets, such as a holiday home or other assets/debts.
  • Smart Savings - Allow users to round up transactions and contribute automatically to a savings goal. Easy configuration by the end-customer.
  • Subscription Overview - Provide more insights into the recurring transactions (i.e. bills, subscriptions), by identifying spending patterns. Allow customers to take more informed decisions.

Employee Slate - Corporate Banking

Enable your employees

Give your employees the tools to best support your customers and instantly react to ever-changing corporate needs.

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Backbase User Management

  • One Place - to manage all your users, groups and their devices, mastered in Backbase Identity or from your existing Identity Management systems.
  • Self-Service - Administrators can control user management from a top-level view, and they can delegate administrative access across the organization to better serve their end users (enable/disable/reset/etc).
  • Empower End-Users - delegate user management rights directly to end-users, so they can create new accounts, manage profiles and control their own data.
  • Audit - enable employees to view the activity log for a user of company.
  • Better support - quickly service your customers when they have issues their online or mobile banking apps.
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Backbase Entitlements

  • Fine grained access control - Easy to configure and making use of job profiles, account groups and limits.
  • Self-service - Put your customer in the driver's seat managing entitlements by themselves or manage it for them.
  • Manage 3rd Party access - Allow your customer to grant third parties to access their accounts and define what they can do.
  • Approval policies - Define and enforce the rules, tailored to your and your customers needs, that drive the segregation of responsibilities.
  • Seamless integration with other Backbase services, that will allow entitlement policy enforcement at button level.
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Backbase 360 Customer View

  • Create the full picture - Aggregate customer data from multiple sources, such as your CRM, your core-systems and 3rd party data providers into a single view.
  • Tailor made authorization - Set granular access rights and entitlements for your front-office employees' authorizations in relation to your customers' data and products.
  • The right help at the right time - track user behavior across multiple channels and interactions and make sure your adviser understands the steps a customer had already taken in order to respond accordingly.
  • Relevant recommendations - empower advisors to understand your customers' financial situation, and enable them to recommend suggestions for improvment.
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Backbase Case Management

  • Easy-to-use - task-focused apps, providing your employees and customers with a delightful experience at every digital touch point
  • Connect and streamline - people, processes, data, and content in both structured or dynamic unstructured business processes.
  • Unify and accelerate - these interactions for better, faster, smarter decisions.
  • Increase sales - assist customers with complex transactions, convert more sales and provide just-in-time sales support across all customer preferred channels.
  • Fast time to Market - leverage pre-build accelerators for customer onboarding, account opening, loan/credit origination and self-services processes.
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Backbase CRM Integration

  • CRM integration - Backbase easily integrates with your existing CRM systems (e.g. Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle CRM).
  • Embed Backbase in your CRM - Re-use Backbase widgets (capabilities) directly embedded in your CRM desktop.
  • Embedded CRM in Backbase - Re-use your CRM capabilities as widgets and run them embedded in your Backbase portal.
  • Campaign Management – by combining data from your CRM and from the Digital Banking world you can create highly personalized and relevant offers, increasing your share of wallet with your customers.

Team White - Corporate Banking

Equip your digital teams

It’s not just our technology. We help you build digital squads so you can quickly innovate and respond to whatever comes next.

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UX Designers
Design System

  • Provides guidelines and UI components, supporting designers and developers in staying fully aligned throughout the development cycle.
  • Enable rapid prototyping via an always up-to-date Sketch Template that is fully aligned to the component library used by the engineering team.
  • Sketch Templates contain core visual styles - components, color swatches, iconography, and templates give designers an accelerator for UI/UX.
  • Leverage the Living Styleguide as a centralized place for all the existing UI components used across all widget collections.
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Digital Marketers
Content Management

  • Multilingual and multi-country - create experiences in multiple languages and locales.
  • Integrated content management - allows for re-use of the same content across multiple pages and applications.
  • Visual Editor - use the Page and App editors to easily configure all your web and mobile apps on the fly - without coding.
  • Compliant - Integrated user management and auditing capabilities to manage all interactions across your digital channels.
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Digital Marketers
Campaign Management

  • Leverage your data - Track customer behavior and preferences and connect to multiple data sources to fuel your campaigns.
  • Efficient - create and manage campaigns in a single location and distribute them in multiple presentation formats.
  • Run everywhere - run and optimize your campaigns across all your digital touchpoints - both web and mobile.
  • Valuable insights - Integrated analytics and reporting on campaigns effectiveness.
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Business Engineers
Visual Modeling

  • Streamline - onboarding journeys with Backbase frictionless digital Account Opening solution for a true omnichannel experience.
  • Go-fast - Create easy to use origination flows, with instant loan quotes, real-time approvals and automated fulfillment.
  • Go-paperless - go digital with straight-through processing (STP) and all-digital process that can be executed without paper and human involvement.
  • Easy modeling - allowing business engineers to model service orchestration, task flows, and much more in technically-executable yet easy to understand diagrams.
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DevOps Engineers

  • Open standards - The Backbase technology stack is fully based on open standards and taps into large global developer ecosystems.
  • Flexibility - Our SDKs and modern architecture give you a robust digital platform foundation, and your developers the flexibility to quickly create new capabilities.
  • Software Development Life Cycle - Backbase provides best practices and recommended tools for all stages of the SDLC while easily fitting into your existing process.
  • Release faster - Adopt the best practices of DevOps and learn how to deliver software faster, improving its quality and your overall development process.
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Software Engineers
Software Development Kit

  • Open standards based, modern front-end widget development (HTML, JavaScript, CSS).
  • Optimized and open rendering strategies for any web-based channel.
  • Create hybrid, mixed (hybrid + native) or fully native mobile apps for Android and iOS.
  • An opinionated set of tools, libraries, and best practices to deliver consistent high-quality back-end services.
  • Client & API code generation tools to speed up development time and align the needs of front-end and back-end services development.
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  • Learning Trails - Trails are guided learning paths through modules and projects that help you cover the most ground in the shortest amount of time.
  • User Forum - Have a question or an idea? Raise it in the Backbase Community forum. Jump in to meet fellow Backbase experts around the world.
  • Documentation - One central place to find all the official product documentation, including all the different versions and past releases.
  • Customer Support - Have a direct line to our experts, any time of the day, via phone or online.
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Backbase Open
Banking Marketplace

  • Enrich - your digital banking experiences by leveraging 80+ fintech extensions - that you can find in the Open Banking marketplace - all in one place.
  • Best of Breed - leverage best-of-breed capabilities that can be easily plugged-in to your Backbase platform.
  • Go Fast - pick and run with pre-integrated fintech solutions that significantly boost speed and efficiency in your go-to-market strategy.
  • No lock-in - the Backbase platform is fully open and based on industry-standard API’s, which allows financial institutions to take control of their own digital experience.

Powering 120+ financial institutions around the world

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