Backbase Customer Experience Platform

Backbase CXP is a full-service, totally integrated, standalone lean portal product that gives you everything you need to create compelling digital experiences across all devices and channels. Backbase CXP is comprised of 5 core functions that ensure businesses who choose Backbase are able to deliver the rich, engaging experiences today's customers expect:

Lean Portal Architecture: Includes foundational services for security management, application integration, personalization, cross-device delivery, and highly flexible widgets so you can create and manage your own composite applications. Is modular nature guarantees easy integration and quick deployment for a fast time-to-value and unbeatable customer experiences.

CXP Manager: Backbase CXP’s dynamic content management capabilities and easy to use visual editing tools empower your business and editorial teams to alter, approve, and publish content, apps, and portals across multiple channels without IT involvement.

Launchpad: The ‘portal-in-a-box’, Launchpad is a pre-built implementation that ensures an incredibly fast time-to-market with pre-built portal templates, master pages, and widget packs designed to kick start any portal project, large or small.

Mobile Delivery: Includes fully integrated mobile application development features that are essential for businesses wanting to create successful omni-channel experiences: mobile editing capabilities for business teams, digital marketing tools for mobile apps, mobile deployment ability, mobile publishing, and out-of-the-box blueprints for responsive design, hybrid apps, and native apps, plus services to facilitate cross-channel and cross-device customer journeys.

Forms: Enable self-service and smooth onboarding processes throughout your digital channels. Backbase Forms helps you to create and edit forms, but most importantly it helps you manage the business logic and straight-through processing behind them.

Explore Backbase Customer Experience Platform

Lean Portal Architecture

Backbase is the leading ‘lean portal’ provider, delivering a modern, widget-based solution to create an unbeatable customer experience with robust, secure web and mobile applications. Read more→

Powered by Widgets

Backbase CXP is powered by widgets; dynamic building blocks that deliver the flexibility to combine content and functionality from multiple sources into a seamless journey across channels and devices. Read more→

Portal Management

CXP Manager

CXP Manager is where all of the essential action happens, putting your business teams firmly in control of the entire customer experience, from content management to campaign distribution. Read More→


Backbase Launchpad is a pre-built 'portal-in-a-box'. It comes packed with ready-to-use templates and widgets, which are key to ensuring that your portal project gets off the ground fast! Read More→

Mobile Application Development

A brilliant mobile strategy matters more than ever before. Backbase CXP ensures that you deliver an unbeatable customer experience on any mobile or tablet device, and in every app store. Read More→

Personalization & Targeting

Backbase CXP comes with everything your digital marketing team needs to optimize personalized experiences and create targeted campaigns to help you win new customers, and deepen the relationships. Read more→

Web Analytics

Integrated Analytics

Backbase CXP delivers holistic view of your digital channels, translating data from all customer interactions into actionable insights, giving you the complete overview you need to optimize your online channels. Read More→

Web Content Management

Web content management is a core element of Backbase CXP. Portal Manager gives business users total control over every piece of content at every step in the content life cycle. Read more→


Create perfectly optimized and workflow-based forms to streamline onboarding, origination, and self-service processes with Backbase Forms to ensure that your customers' journeys are as seamless as possible. Read more→



Social media networks are where your customers want to engage with brands and share with their friends. Backbase CXP allows you to join the conversation. Read more→

Security model


Security is the highest priority for any business. Backbase CXP delivers total protection at every level of your organization and integrates with such tools as well. Read more→


Application Integration

Keep and reuse all of your existing apps, plus use third-party content, functionality, and applications from the web safely, securely, and easily. Read more→

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