Guiding You to Success

User Experience: Bringing Ideas to Life

Our team of experts will be on hand to guide your project to success. We have dedicated specialists in UX design, lean development, digital marketing, and web project management - guaranteeing your project will be implemented as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We'll ensure you get the most out of your online platform by sharing our knowledge and years of experience with front- and back-end development, best-practice implementation processes, enterprise architecture and digital marketing. Backbase's experts will help you to bring your ideas to life and guide your project to success.

We get it right the first time. We have established best practices around successful design, prototyping, testing and development of rich user interfaces, and we are happy to share all of them with you.

Expert Mentoring

Backbase offers expert mentoring services to help ensure your project is a success. Our consultants are field trained specialists that are there to help you, or your implementation partner, get started on a project in the right way - by using the best practices and avoiding costly mistakes.

Our mentoring services are tailored project-by-project to meet the specific needs of all the teams involved. Backbase mentors come to you to ensure they understand the day-to-day activities of the project team and the project's needs. Mentoring is most effective when all competencies take part, including: architecture, UX and visual design, front- and back-end development, and digital marketing engineering.

Implementation Partners

Backbase partners play a vital role throughout the entire implementation process for all of our customers. Alongside our partners, we form a family of organizations and individuals working toward the same goal: creating the best customer experience platforms in the world. For more information see our ‘Partners’ page or contact us directly.


We provide a range of solid, cost-effective support packages, for everyone using Backbase Suite, with Backbase Support. When you opt for Backbase Support, your company has a direct line to our experts, any time of the day, via phone or web. You have the freedom to choose the package that is most suited to your needs:

Standard Product Support

9x5 Product Support delivers quick response times using services like online issue tracking. Standard Product Support comes with unlimited use and is based on a fixed annual fee.

Premium Product Support

24x5 Product Support delivers quick response times using services like online issue tracking and the ability to request Hot Fixes on Backbase products if blocking issues occur. Premium Product Support comes with unlimited use and is based on a fixed annual fee.

Platinum Product Support

24x7 Product Support delivers the fastest response times with tailor-made service extras on top of the premium package.

Support Packages Comparison

My Backbase

On My Backbase we give you access to our official product documentation, How-To guides, training video’s, product extensions, and our Q&A forums.

Visit My Backbase Contact Support

Backbase Training Services

Backbase has tailored training modules and courses for anyone working with, or wanting to learn more about Backbase Product Suite. All of our courses are led by an expert instructor and include hands-on exercises; allowing you to learn faster by putting your knowledge to the test immediately.

Standard and Tailored Courses

Backbase provides a number of courses, ranging from standard introductory courses to courses tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, based on your unique project and overall business situation. Please contact us and we'll help you choose the option that’s best for you.

You might be interested in the following standard courses:

Backbase Core Skills

  • Portal Essentials
  • Portal Technologies
  • Portal Tools and APIs

Backbase Back-End Training

  • Services Integration
  • Advanced Portal Security
  • Backbase Content Services

Backbase Front-End Training

  • Building Widgets
  • Widget Communications
  • Building Pages & Containers

Backbase Forms

  • Business Modeling
  • Advanced Business Modeling
  • Technical Foundation

Backbase CMS Training

  • Content Modeling and Customization
  • Web scripts and APIs

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