Backbase: Omni-Channel Digital Banking Solutions

Backbase DBP helps you leverage your industry’s best practices with industry specific, ready-to-go implementation accelerators. Jump starting your project and dramatically decreasing your time-to-market.

Backbase for Retail Banking

  • Reduces time-to-market for banks and credit unions who need to accelerate their digital strategy.
  • Puts banks and credit unions back in control of their digital strategy so they can address their customers needs directly.
  • Allows banks and credit unions to differentiate their offerings and go toe-to-toe with the big banks.
  • Empowers business owners like digital marketers to create, manage and optimize the end-to-end customer experience.

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Backbase for Commercial Banking

  • Modernizes the UX of aging internet systems and transforms outdated graphical interfaces.
  • Aggregates data and functionality from multiple back-end systems for payment, cash management, FX, and accounting.
  • Supports multi-user scenarios by leveraging existing entitlement and identity management systems, to create targeted tools for CFOs, treasurers, and AP clerks.
  • Multi-account and multi-currency account overviews capable of showing aggregated total, to individual account total, and individual transaction details.

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Backbase for Wealth Management

  • Gives direct insight in to portfolio performance, from helicopter view down to individual transaction level.
  • Full document and research center plus real-time stock news and custom alert tools.
  • Safe, secure client and advisor communications via direct message center.
  • Means to create calculators, simulation tools, and wizards to aid financial planning and advisory.

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Backbase for Insurance

  • Empower customers with digital origination and self-service capabilities across any device.
  • Leverage your existing policy administration system capabilities by adding a modern customer experience layer.
  • Improve your employees and agents operational efficiency with smart widgets and mobile apps.

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Omni-Channel Customer Experience Solutions

With Backbase DBP there’s no need to rebuild your applications from scratch; Backbase allows you to repurpose them by incorporating their content, data, and functionality into a new presentation layer, or customer experience. Backbase's software comes with powerful enterprise security and application integration technology that makes it possible for you to leverage past IT investments. At the same time, Backbase empowers you to create and manage rich, engaging customer journeys across all digital touch points. This results in increased demand, sales conversions, and greater customer satisfaction because you are supporting your customers anytime, any place, and on any device.

Trusted by Global Financials

Backbase is trusted by the largest financials across the globe: ABN AMRO, Barclays, Hiscox, Nationwide, VISA, and UBS are all improving their digital channels and customer experience with Backbase technology. Industry analyst Gartner has named Backbase the most visionary vendor for online portals three years running, and Ovum named Backbase a Market Leader in next-generation online banking experiences. Recently Forrester gave Backbase full marks for cross-channel banking experiences.

Benefits of Backbase

One Platform, Any Channel

Backbase DBP gives you a single platform from which you can streamline and orchestrate a superior digital experience on any device, and across every digital touchpoint, including web, mobile, kiosk, and ATMs.

Write once, run everywhere

Cut costs with reusable templates and widgets for every screen size, guaranteeing a consistent and seamless experience on every device for total market coverage.

Faster Time To Market

Jump start your project and dramatically decrease your time to market by leveraging industry best practices with ready to go implementation accelerators like templates and widgets.

Personal & Relevant

Be the ultimate personal assistant - Create and support unique experiences for your customers that match their preferences, meet their needs, and recognize where they are and what device they are using.

Empower Business Users

Let your business teams manage every step of the customer journey without IT support. Easy visual editing tools give them the power to create, manage, and optimize everything from widgets to apps, and websites.

Targeted Sales Campaigns

Give your digital marketing teams the tools to target customers based on their profiles, behavior, and context, so they can constantly evolve messages and promotions to optimize conversion.

Make life easier

Streamline enrollment for customers on any channel. Create simple forms, remove obstacles, and guide customers through the process. You’ll see sales rise and abandonment rates drop.

Bonus: Open Banking Marketplace

We believe in an open ecosystem where you choose the tools you love. With the Open Banking Marketplace we give the opportunity to integrate best of breed apps in your Backbase powered digital bank.

Proven Security Record

The largest financial institutions around the world rely on Backbase to keep their customer interactions secure. Together with our clients we make sure that our software meets their strictest security requirements.

Actionable Insights

Give your business teams a holistic view of all digital channels that helps translate all data from customer interactions into actionable insights to increase conversion and boost engagement.

UX In Everything We Do

User experience (UX) is deeply embedded in our development philosophy. Putting the customer at the heart of everything we do is in our DNA. It’s what makes us stand out from the rest.

Tailored To Suit You

Our open, extendable architecture gives you the freedom to grow, e.g. add custom widgets. We also provide flexible theming so you’re in complete control of how it looks.

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