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Backbase is once again recognized as the leading Engagement Banking Platform

The Backbase Engagement Banking Platform scores top marks in Celent's latest evaluation.

Leading industry analyst firm Celent awarded Backbase's Engagement Banking Platform (EBP) as a winner in its Retail Digital Banking Platform - International Edition 2022. Backbase is proud to receive the highest scores for the "Advanced Technology" and "Breadth of Functionality" categories, topping Celent’s list of 12 evaluated vendors.

"[Backbase is] one of the few platforms that can viably support an enterprise-wide system of engagement strategy. [...] Its platform allows FIs to achieve their preferred balance between adopt out of the box and build/customize.”

Bob Meara, Celent Analyst

Curious to see how the Backbase platform was evaluated? Click the button below to download.

Raising the bar in customer engagement

Backbase has emerged as the winner in several categories. Celent noted our platform’s strengths, such as customizability, user-centricity, and customer support functionalities.

Advanced Technology

For the Backbase platform’s composable, cloud-native technical architecture.

Breadth of Functionality

For the Engagement Banking Platform’s industry-leading functional capability.

Luminary 2022

For excelling in both Advanced Technology & Breadth of Functionality.

Download the reportto learn what sets us apart.


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