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Re-architect banking around your customer

Backbase offers a new-generation Engagement Banking Platform, allowing you to progressively modernize your main customer journeys and re-architect your business operations around your customers.

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Empowering progressive banking modernization

Create instant value by re-architecting your customer journeys

We offer banks the opportunity to break free from the constraints of legacy IT systems and embrace a new-generation engagement banking platform. How? By enabling banks to gradually replace or decompose disparate legacy systems and construct a modern customer engagement orchestration architecture around them. This allows banks to prioritize essential customer journeys across all touchpoints while eliminating silos and empowering customers and front-office employees.

Explore our solutions

Legacy Apps withframe

Legacy apps

Composable Platforms withframe

Composable Platform

Jounrey Orchestration withframe

Journey orchestration & tailored value propositions


The Engagement Banking Platform

Crafting a composable new-generation banking fabric to build with ease and speed. Say goodbye to vendor lock-in and legacy systems. Backbase presents a contemporary omnichannel banking platform that empowers you to innovate on your own terms. We take charge of the foundational plumbing, allowing you to build and launch with ease and speed.

Journey Led Progressive Modernization 2024


Go faster with Model Bank accelerators

Out-of-the-box web and mobile journeys to jump-start your digital transformation

Our Model Bank accelerators provide a solid starting point for your digital transformation efforts. They embody industry best practices and base features that can be easily adopted and configured to fit your needs, allowing you to jumpstart your implementation. Meanwhile, our open platform APIs and SDK capabilities empower you to rapidly build and deploy features that truly differentiate your bank.

Retail banking

Simplify everyday banking from onboarding, to seamless self-service experiences and innovative neo-bank features. Leveraging one platform to empower both your customers and employees.

Become the preferred banking app

Developer enablement: accelerate your build

Everything you need to get up to speed. We know the importance of empowering developers with the tools and resources they need to build quickly and efficiently. That's why we offer detailed documentation, a full design system, and comprehensive training options to jumpstart your developer teams. Explore our well-documented APIs, SDKs, and other developer tools, along with subject matter support from our expert team. All to accelerate your build and help you focus on what really matters: delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Developer Enablement

Our products

Our suite of products are designed to help banks excel and grow at every step of the customer lifecycle. Whether you're looking to acquire new customers, improve customer service, retain existing customers, or cross-sell products and services, we've got you covered.

Digital Onboarding

Seamless and fully digital account opening

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Digital Banking

Develop and launch top-rated banking apps

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Digital Lending

Smarter, faster loan originations

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Digital Investing

Trading, robo advisory to portfolio management

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Digital Assist

Empower your front-office employees

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Why Backbase?

Whether you're looking to buy for parity or build for differentiation, our platform empowers you to create unique experiences that truly set you apart from the competition.

Ready to go

Get to market faster with our proven Model Bank accelerators.

Accelerated build

Increase developer velocity with our open platform fabric.

Focus on value

Deliver business value with progressive modernization.

One platform

Take a holistic approach with our all-in-one platform.


Leverage our Adopt and Build methodology to get results. 

True partner

Let’s make it happen, together. Your success is our shared mission.

Trusted by banks. Loved by analysts.

Backbase is continually recognized by top industry analysts as the category leader in Engagement Banking.

Backbase has some of the most comprehensive retail, business, and corporate banking apps and services in this evaluation. The solution stands out for its architectural sophistication, flexibility, and extensive delivery options and shows no real weaknesses today.

Jost Hoppermann, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester


News & announcements

Check out some of our recent highlights, company news, and success stories.