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Build and enhance your product expertise

At Backbase, we're all about helping financial institutions create amazing customer experiences on any device. We believe that top-notch digital experiences are the key to staying relevant in today's fast-paced world, and our software is designed to help you do just that.

If you're looking to learn more about our product implementation, Backbase Academy is the perfect place to start!

Our courses are designed with your role in mind, so you can get the training and certification that's right for you.

Whether you're a banker, developer, or digital strategist, we've got you covered.
Sign up today and start growing your digital business like never before!

What does Backbase Academy offer?

  • Team subscriptions

    Experience the ultimate training convenience with Backbase Academy's Team Subscriptions. Empower your entire team with unlimited access to all our online developer and non-developer learning plans. With reduced costs per person and seamless auto-renewal, bid farewell to administrative and financial burdens. Smoothly streamline your team's training experience and unlock the full potential of your workforce with Backbase's hassle-free Team Subscriptions.

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  • Individual subscriptions

    Your personalized pathway to project success. Tailored to your specific role, our role-based courses empower both technical and non-technical team members to excel in Backbase projects. Embrace the convenience of online access and self-paced learning, allowing you to acquire valuable skills at your own pace. Unlock your full potential and become a driving force in project implementation with Backbase Academy's individual learning plans.

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  • Certifications

    Elevate your career with Backbase Academy Certifications: Your pathway to excellence and recognition. Obtaining a Backbase certification is a crucial step in ensuring impeccable implementation standards across all projects. Showcase your expertise and gain the confidence needed to thrive in your career.

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  • Team subscriptions

    What is included in the team subscription package?

    At Backbase, we aim to simplify your training with team subscriptions. Get full access to all our developer (Frontend, Backend, Mobile - iOS and Android, Solution Architect) and non-developer (Business Analyst, QA Engineer, UX Designer, Project Manager) learning plans. With Backbase team subscriptions, training becomes effortless - no more admin or financial hassles! Enjoy reduced per-person costs, auto-renewal, and uninterrupted platform access.

    Full access

    to the entire Backbase training portfolio, including updates and new content.

    Anytime, anywhere

    Users will be able to access the training anytime and retake the training if needed.

    Easy tracking

    Managers will be able to track training progress of the team in real-time.

    Save 20%

    Compared to individual training purchase. Savings increase proportionally to the size of the package.

    Learning plans

    What learning plans do we have?

    At Backbase, we believe that a fully-enabled project team is the key to a successful implementation.

    That's why we offer role-based courses designed to help both tech and non-tech roles excel in their Backbase project. And the best part? All of our courses are available online and are self-paced, so you can learn at your own speed.

    Take a look at some of the exciting learning plans we currently offer below.

  • Backend

    Unlock the technical secrets of the Backbase Platform and gain expertise in backend services, authentication setup, and seamless integration for exceptional digital experiences. 

    Individual subscription: 
    €2,000/$2,400 per participant

  • Frontend

    Elevate your frontend development skills and master the art of crafting seamless online banking experiences with Backbase in this comprehensive learning plan. 

    Individual subscription:
    €1,300/$1,560 per participant

  • Mobile Android

    Embark on an Android mobile learning journey covering the Backbase platform, app architecture, journey integration, design system, authentication, adoption, extension, building, and Flow Backbase SDK integration. 

    Individual subscription: €1,300/$1,560 per participant

  • Mobile iOS

    Embark on an iOS mobile development journey, mastering Backbase mobile apps, SDK usage, journeys, design system, and Flow Backbase SDK for seamless onboarding. 

    Individual subscription: €1,300/$1,560 participant

  • Learning plans included in a team subscription: Starting at €1,000/$1,200 per participant

    Check out our non-developer learning plans as well!


    Certification program

    What is the certification program?

    At Backbase Academy, we believe in empowering our consultants to provide the best advice and achieve top-notch implementation quality. That's why we've introduced the Certification Program. Every consultant must be certified before embarking on any Backbase project. By passing the certification exam, our consultants gain the confidence and capability to successfully implement our products, delivering top-notch solutions to our clients.

    How do I get certified?

    At Backbase Academy, we've made certification accessible and convenient for you! Our online certification platform lets you certify right from the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions about our certification process please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

    How much does it cost?

    Interested in getting certified through Backbase Academy? The cost is €175/$210 per candidate, per exam.

    How do I prepare for certification?

    Certification exams will assess your knowledge and the skills gained from your role-based training. Don't worry, we've got you covered with our comprehensive study guides that provide an overview of the exam content. With our study materials in hand, you'll be fully prepared to ace the certification exam and demonstrate your mastery.

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    Our new features and trainings

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