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Learning Plan

Learning Plan for QA Engineers

18 hours
€1,000/$1,200 per participant

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Your role as a QA Engineer

Gain a conceptual and technical perspective of the Backbase Platform. Learn essential information regarding the QA role and processes at Backbase.

Discover the key practices and strategies that ensure top-notch quality in our projects.

Value Consulting
The course

What will I learn?

In this course for QA Engineers, you will learn how to create a seamless online banking experience using Backbase.

Our platform

Delve into the Backbase Platform from both a conceptual and technical perspective, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its powerful capabilities.

The essentials

Explore the ins and outs of the QA role at Backbase, learning essential information about the responsibilities and processes that drive quality excellence.

Courses within this package

  • Welcome to Backbase
  • Way of Working 101
  • Product 101
  • Architecture 101
  • ModelBank 101
  • Entitlements 101
  • Flow 101
  • ModelBank for Digital Banking - Retail
  • ModelBank for Digital Banking - Business
  • ModelBank for Digital Onboarding - Retail

  • How to use ModelBank Product Documentation
  • How to use ModelBank Technical Documentation
  • Fintech Integrations
  • Starting Development With ModelBank
  • BaaS Master Class
  • Partner Success Part 1: Partner Success Overview
  • Partner Success Part 2: Application Development Support