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Learning plan

Learning Plan for Backend Developers

27 hours
€2,000/$2,400 per participant

This learning plan is unavailable to individual learners unknown to Backbase as it requires access to our repository. Please reach out to us to discuss options.

Your role as a Backend Developer

A Backend Developer’s role is to seamlessly integrate the Backbase platform with our customers' systems. Your mission is to focus on the backend side of the implementation.

You'll be responsible for delivering solid technical solutions to complex issues, all while ensuring the best possible customer experience. That means you'll need to have a solid understanding of programming languages and tools, so you can analyze current codes and stay up-to-date with industry developments.

You'll also need to formulate efficient processes, solve problems, and create a seamless experience for millions of users worldwide.

Value Consulting
The course

What will I learn?

In this learning plan, you will explore the Backbase Platform from a technical perspective. Here's what you can expect:

Our platform

Gain a technical perspective of the Backbase platform.

Backend services

Discover how to effectively use the various backend services and unlock their true value.


Hands-on development exercises that will take your skills to the next level.

Backbase Identity

Learn the ropes of setting up authentication with Backbase Identity.

Identity Services

How to integrate Access Control with Identity Services.

Prerequisite Skills

Which skills should you look for in a Backend Developer?

  • Java 8
  • Maven

  • Spring IoC / MVC / Boot / Security / Cloud / Stream
  • JMS

  • Containers (Docker)
  • Microservices and Cloud architecture

  • API description format for REST APIs (OpenAPI)
  • Containers Orchestration (Kubernetes)

Courses Included

Which courses can you find in the Learning Plan for Backend Developers?

  • Product 101
  • Way of Working 101
  • Architecture 101
  • ModelBank 101
  • Backend: Prerequisites
  • Set Up Your Local Development Environment
  • Technical Overview of the Backbase Platform

  • Integrating with External Systems (Banking Services)
  • JSON Web Token (JWT) in Backbase Platform
  • Backbase Identity and Access management
  • Entitlements 101
  • Flow 101
  • ModelBank for Digital Banking - Retail

  • ModelBank for Digital Banking - Business
  • ModelBank for Digital Onboarding - Retail
  • How to use ModelBank Product Documentation
  • How to use ModelBank Technical Documentation
  • Fintech Integrations

  • Starting Development with ModelBank
  • BaaS Master Class
  • Partner Success Part 1: Partner Success Overview
  • Partner Success Part 2: Application Development Support
  • Backend Certification