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Learning Plan

Learning Plan for iOS Developers

62 hours
€1,300/$1,560 per participant

This learning plan is unavailable to individual learners unknown to Backbase as it requires access to our repository. Please reach out to us to discuss options.

Your role as an iOS Developer

As an iOS Developer, you'll be the master of seamlessly integrating our tailor-made products with our customers' systems, building amazing apps using native technology.

On a daily basis, you'll actively contribute to architectural decisions by sharing your ideas, reviewing and commenting on pull requests, and playing a key role in contributing to our documentation.

Value Consulting
The course

What will I learn?

In this course for iOS Developers, you will learn how to create a seamless online banking experience using Backbase.


Theory and architecture of Backbase mobile applications

Mobile SDK

Mobile SDK usage

Customer journeys

Understanding customer journeys

Design system

Clients and design system

Flow Backbase SDK

Integration of Flow Backbase SDK for improved customer onboarding experience

Prerequisite Skills

Which skills should you look for in an iOS Developer?

  • Git workflows
  • CI/CD, specifically Jenkins
  • Platform-specific dependency managers (e.g. Gradle, CocoaPods, etc.)

  • (Mobile) application security
  • SCRUM framework

  • Swift and/or Objective-C
  • iOS SDK

  • Xcode
  • App distribution process and related tools (e.g. iTunes Connect)

Courses Included

Which courses can you find in the Learning Plan for iOS Developers?

  • Product 101
  • Way of Working 101
  • Architecture 101
  • ModelBank 101
  • Mobile Essentials iOS - Architecture
  • Mobile Essentials iOS - Mobile Environment
  • Mobile Essentials iOS - Adopt
  • Mobile Essentials iOS - Extend - Replacing Business Logic in a Journey

  • Mobile Essentials iOS - Extend - Replacing a Screen in a Journey
  • Mobile Essentials iOS - Extend - Customizing Your Tab Bar
  • Mobile Essentials iOS - Build
  • Mobile Essentials iOS - Updating your app
  • Entitlements 101
  • Flow 101
  • ModelBank for Digital Banking - Retail

  • ModelBank for Digital Banking - Business
  • ModelBank for Digital Onboarding - Retail
  • How to use ModelBank Product Documentation
  • How to use ModelBank Technical Documentation
  • Fintech Integrations
  • Starting Development With ModelBank

  • BaaS Master Class
  • Partner Success Part 1: Partner Success Overview
  • Partner Success Part 2: Application Development Support
  • Get Backbase Certified - Mobile (iOS)
  • Flow Mobile (iOS) 1.3.0