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Aileen – Account Executive for the Philippines

Careers - Aileen

About you

I am Aileen Lopez- Sanchez, Backbase Account Executive for the Philippines. I am a licensed nurse by profession, and a salesperson by heart. Ever since I worked in the software industry, my dream role is to become a salesperson. I started pursuing my dream 3 years ago, and so far I am very much happy and grateful to be where I am right now.

Why Backbase?

As a person, it is in my nature to help others, and as a salesperson, my mission is to help my customers solve their pain points. I joined Backbase as I believe that Backbase can be my vehicle in fulfilling both my mission and my passion. I also love how Backbase embraces diversity and how it promotes equality & empowerment. I feel like I belong!

What did you enjoy the most about your role? And about Backbase?

It is the responsible freedom that I like about my role in Backbase. Freedom to speak my mind. Freedom to interact. Freedom to strategize. Freedom to be me.

What have you learned since you joined?

Since I joined Backbase, I learned that I am capable of doing more things, that I am truly versatile. In this kind of job, I can do things with a sense of purpose and direction.

What was the most difficult challenge you face working at Backbase so far?

Being a one-woman show for the Philippines! But don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I enjoy what I am doing as it is testing my versatility and how far I can go. I am also very fortunate that the whole Asia Team is in full support.

Could you tell us any fun facts that happened with any client?

There was this prospective customer who was ignoring me before, but when he learned that I am now with Backbase, he started talking to me. That is a good indicator that Backbase is creating a huge impact in every part of the world, including the Philippines.