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Monika Wisła, Scrum Master

Monika wisla

What do you do at Backbase?

I’m working as a Scrum Master. I help teams achieve their best and improve their ways of working.

When did you become a Backbaser, and why did you choose Backbase?

To be honest, the first time I saw Backbase’s job advert, I didn’t know anything about this company. But once I started exploring it, I liked it more and more, to the extent that I said “Yes – I want to work for you!”

What really convinced me was the Backbase product and their mission to re-architect banking around the customer. The times when a customer had to go to a bank branch to open an account or apply for a loan are over. As a customer, I want a seamless online experience. Every day, I use products such as Amazon, Paypal, Uber, or AirBnB. They are all easy to use and fast, offering me exactly what I need at the right time. I think many traditional banks are still far behind. And this is where the Backbase product comes in with digital banking built around the customer, giving an experience that you will love from the first use.

What did you do before Backbase?

I used to work as a Scrum Master for one of the biggest banks in the world and recently for an American low-code platform company. So Backbase perfectly combines my two past experiences: banking and platforms. What’s also interesting is that, before becoming Scrum Master, I used to work in the recruitment department.

What was your journey like from recruitment to Scrum Master?

I wouldn't lie if I said it was a coincidence. My company was starting an Agile transformation at the time and needed a lot of Agile Practitioners and Scrum Masters to help change the way they worked. I got a chance to become a Scrum Master for one of the product teams, and I took it. The beginnings were quite difficult, as I had a rather vague idea of the Scrum Master role and I felt in the IT department like I had landed on Mars. Everything was so different from my previous work. However, thanks to my great colleagues, step by step, I started to discover this new world. Looking back, it was like being thrown into a deep pool when you don't know how to swim. Lucky for me, I got water wings, so I haven't drowned, and the more I practiced, the better I was.

What do you enjoy the most in the company, and why?

Apart from the great and passionate colleagues I've had the opportunity to meet so far, I think I liked the onboarding process the most. I’ve had the opportunity to become an interim Scrum Master for two existing teams for two sprints. Thanks to that, I had a chance to see from the inside how my department works, while building more connections and better understanding the product. And of course I really love fancy breakfasts at the office!

Do you want to add anything?

Wish me good luck!