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Nohaila – if it looks difficult, go and do it

Nohaila is a Business Development Manager at Backbase. She majored in Marketing and Sales in Morocco.

Careers - Nohaila

She thought she wanted to launch her career in Digital Marketing when she saw herself winning several national competitions and hackathons where she discovered a passion for pitching products to people. Now her voice is heard across all the Africa region.

About Nohaila

At 24, I'm one of the youngest people at Backbase. I was also the first intern relocated from another country in June 2019. It all started off with a 6 months internship.

2 years in, Backbase has been a school where I learned everything from scratch. From Banking to IT and all the stops in between.

It didn't happen from one day to the other, but slowly Backbase boosted my assertiveness and confidence. That had a lot to do with my team. How did they do that? My team is very inclusive, there has never been a hierarchy. Everyone can voice their opinions and they are all taken into account. That means our words matter. I find it a very good environment to work in. What's more, among ourselves we care deeply about each other, not only professionally but also personally.

The secret is in the balance

As in many other areas in life, for work, it takes dedication, passion, discipline, and time to see the fruits of your efforts. I saw this very clearly when I first started and I was assigned a new region, Africa. There was a lot that needed to be done! Creating materials, getting other teams to collaborate on this, it did take large amounts of entrepreneurial spirit.

In the team, we all see this every day. Everyone works hard towards achieving the company goals. Luckily, we also have a big focus on people. If you are not having fun and celebrating your achievements, chances are that you are not going to push yourself next time. For that reason, we make sure we make time to energize ourselves as a team, and we share dinner experiences, we do skydiving, yoga, or escape rooms together.

What's next?

My journey so far made me understand that I can have as many responsibilities as I want. Account Executive? Sales Director? Bring it on! The Sales field is male-dominated, and the IT field is changing every day, but as I say, if it looks difficult, it must be a good challenge to take!