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Anupriya Batra - Frontend Engineer on her second anniversary with Backbase


What were your beginnings at Backbase and what convinced you to apply for the position?

I joined Backbase in April 2021 as a Frontend Engineer in the CS department. A little over two years ago, I received a message from Backbase's recruiter via LinkedIn, which prompted me to research about the company. I was impressed by Backbase's growth, and during the interview process, I learned that my work would also involve traveling, which was definitely a plus. As a product-based company with a small number of employees, I realized that this would provide me with a better opportunity for personal and professional growth.

What team do you work in and what is the biggest challenge you face?

I work as a Senior Frontend Engineer for the Customer Success team in Amsterdam. My role involves implementing the Backbase product and developing customizations based on the client's requirements. When customers request a mix of Backbase out-of-the-box solutions and new custom solutions, it becomes an exciting challenge to look forward to. However, working with the client can be challenging when it comes to debugging issues on production or UAT, as direct access to resources is limited and often requires coordination with various teams and internal QAs.

Have you noticed changes in the company over these 2 years?

The company has been continuously researching and working to improve the product to provide excellent customer experiences with the best technology available. This is evident from the number of banks currently using Backbase globally. I am very curious to see how data analytics and AI will shape our product in the future.

How do you assess the work culture at Backbase?

Having friendly people from various nationalities under one roof makes Backbase a great workplace. So far, I have met wonderful people who have helped me learn a lot personally and professionally. Additionally, the freedom to invest your time in exploring topics that interest you gives you a huge opportunity to grow along with the company.

What technologies enable you to develop and learn as a Frontend developer at your position?

As a Frontend Developer, most of the resources to learn are easily available on the web. However, attending conferences and workshops on upcoming trends in technology always helps to stay up-to-date. Technology is quite dynamic, and apart from making use of training on Academy to learn about the product, I generally use official websites for technologies like Angular to be aware of changes with every new release. Learning about new technology or tools, along with some hands-on experience on platforms like Github, also helps boost confidence. Another important mode of learning for me is through knowledge sharing among our peers in the frontend chapter. I believe the more we share, the more we crave to learn!