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Join us in creating something BIG: Will Bogan

Careers - Will Bogan

Hi, my name is Will Bogan and I joined the Backbase family in September of 2019 BC (before COVID). For my Aussie friends, while I do not really possess any similarities to a Bogan from your homeland, that is in fact my real surname. For everyone else, a quick Google search will bring you up to speed on this inside joke.

This little anecdote actually brings up one of the things I respect and appreciate most about working at Backbase—and that's diversity. I have had the privilege of meeting and working with some truly fascinating people from different cultures all across the globe. From Japan to Singapore, Dubai to Germany, Brazil to Canada and everything in between. It is amazing to work at a company that unites so many people from different walks of life for one common mission: to help create banks and credit unions that people love.

I came to Backbase seeking a challenging and fulfilling career in Sales. Having gained experience in a variety of roles at prior employers (CS, Delivery, Pre-sales), I knew what I liked and what I didn't, and I joined Backbase on a mission to continue developing my Sales skills and help make Backbase successful in doing so. Serving the role of Business Development Manager initially, I was given lots of autonomy to steer my own path to success. One of the analogies our team likes to use is getting thrown into the deep end of the pool early, you either sink or swim. And as a Backbaser, you'd better be up for the challenge to swim with the sharks.

Following a promotion to the role of Account Executive, I am one of the first few (literally) in the company driving a brand new go-to-market strategy with a new product offering. For me, the opportunity at Backbase has never slowed down. If you want a challenge, if you want to help create something big, if you want an immense amount of opportunity in front of you, then give Backbase a serious look. You're going to work your ass off, but you're going to have loads of fun with amazing people while you're at it!