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Onboarding with Allana & Co.

Careers - Onboarding with allana

Why Onboarding?

We run our Onboarding program to ensure every new colleague can take their first steps into their Backbase journey with confidence; to enable them to hit the ground running! Our Onboarding experience provides a solid foundation of company and product knowledge. It encourages people to build personal connections and guides them in the right direction as they begin their new role, whatever that may be. Just as importantly, it provides an introduction to our culture and a warm welcome.

What does it entail?

If you’re joining our standard program you can expect your first full week to be led by the Onboarding team, getting introduced to our company, culture, people and our products. We’ll make sure you have everything you need in your first weeks and beyond. There’s plenty of fun and games along the way and we’re joined by our experts from across Backbase who offer presentations, Q&A sessions and panel discussions.

How does it reflect our values?

We reflect on our values throughout our programs; how better to embrace them than from Day 1! We aim to instil a curiosity to learn and raise questions. To step up to a challenge and solve problems. To connect with colleagues for inspiration and collaboration and of course, to celebrate our successes!

Who participates?

Our programs are available to all our new Backbasers, globally! A UX designer in Singapore, Backend Engineer in Krakow, Solutions Engineer in Amsterdam, HR Business Partner in Atlanta… Whatever your role, we’ve got you covered!

Allana, our Senior Onboarding Operations Officer

In my role, I get to meet everyone who joins the company. It’s fascinating to hear their different perspectives, interests, and all they bring to the table from their own culture. The fact that each Onboarding week has a different group of amazing people means each of them is different. It’s impossible for it to be boring!

What I enjoy the most is spotting the Backbase DNA in the group. From their interactions throughout the week, I can already see who is going to be with us for a long, long time and make an impact. They are curious, they are eager to learn, they are social and inclusive towards the rest of the group. They make sure everyone is comfortable and having fun. That's the true Backbase spirit!

A nice thing to mention, which makes everyone proud, is that since we started our remote Onboarding program last year, we've already had participants who are now presenters on the Onboarding week themselves. It's great to see departments giving that level of exposure and responsibility to their new joiners as well.

Onboarding for me is about learning and connecting. Via coffee chats and live sessions, at the end of an Onboarding week, each new joiner has met between 50 and 100 people, all new colleagues that are committed to making them successful. That's a very good start, wouldn't you agree?