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Rekha Allam – Recruiting the right talent

Careers - Rekha Allam

What do you do at Backbase?

I hire the right talent and cultural fit evangelists who will deliver on the goals and mission of Backbase.

How did you come across Backbase?

I was working for a customer who was using Backbase and my hires were discussing the technology stack they were supporting, the work culture out there, life and professional balance, hubs, future growth etc.., and heard lots of great positive things from the people I have hired. So, when I got an email from the recruiter for the role I applied for, I felt I should definitely be trying it as I wanted to be in a good place to work. I also thought that choosing Backbase would allow growth, exposure to multiple geographical locations, and utilize my skills in other geographical locations.

What was your 1st month on the job look like?

My 1st month, being frank, was superb!!!! Amazing!!! Encouraging!!! The best onboarding I have had to date... Wow!! It was also like a map or a guide, so when I got stuck somewhere in the process I knew where to see & to whom to reach.

Colleagues - I was the 1st and only recruiter which means locally I had no one in place to reach out for. Was I nervous about how I would catch up? What to remember about the information shared during onboarding? Am I going in the right direction? Too many questions but my colleagues from EMEA took me in their hands & made me feel comfortable by getting me into the process. This coordination from my colleagues around me and the way they helped me in settling in - I will never forget it and maybe due to their guidance, my process foundation has become stronger. I got to know the importance of “doing together”. Yes, we can do it together

What are 3 words you would describe working with Backbase?

Nurturing, Autonomous, Transparent.

What do you like most about the job?

Being transparent at work and the openness of my peers drive me to perform my best.