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Caroline von Mutius, Senior Business Development Manager

Caroline von mutius

What do you do at Backbase?

I am an Associate Account Executive with commercial responsibility for our business in Germany. With my direct team and my Backbase colleagues across Solutions Engineering, Customer Success, and Product Management, we work on a daily basis to grow our market share in the territory. Additionally, we have dedicated Field Marketing and Partner Sales to augment our direct sales efforts across the region, as well as specific campaigns for individual accounts.

In my day-to-day work, I speak to a lot of people from banks in Germany (both onsite and remote), align with the Business Development department, and discuss with our partners what is going on in the market.

What did you do before Backbase?

I worked at a renowned German bank and for a fintech company in the lending business.

When did you become a Backbaser, and why did you choose Backbase?

Backbase has a great vibe, plus many talented people to learn from and a solution that banks dream of! I was looking for a challenging role where I could make a bigger impact and change the banking industry. And what could be a better match than a role selling transformational Digital Banking solutions in Germany! Another exciting aspect of my role is the complexity of the sales cycle and the need to manage the different stakeholders, including their individual and corporate objectives, while also navigating internal politics.

Why is working for Backbase Sales a unique experience?

I think what is unique about Sales at Backbase is that the solutions we sell and implement for our customers have a fundamental impact on their business – and their customers, for that matter. This means that we have to involve many different people and their angles into a complex value proposition. You can find all necessary resources at Backbase. That is why the sales organization is so impressive!

What do you enjoy the most about the company and why?

What I enjoy most about working at Backbase is that we truly live our values. For example, “can-do” is really important in Sales. It always gives me this extra push to go one step further. We also place value on “togetherness,” which I really enjoy about us – that so many international people come together to help transform the banking industry. We support each other and give each other feedback, so there is a space to learn a lot from the Backbase expert community.