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Identity & Entitlements Services

Designed for banking, secure by default

Mitigate risks and fraud by securely and seamlessly managing digital identities and access rights of your end-users across all your digital banking channels, without compromising on the user experience.

EBP Platform Capabilities Identity Entitlements Management Services

A single secure, centralized solution

Safeguard customer data and meet regulatory compliance such as PSD2, with a centralized solution for authentication, authorization, and entitlements across the entire customer lifecycle. With Backbase, you can ensure utmost security while offering a frictionless user experience across all digital channels, from onboarding to daily banking, up- and cross-selling, and offboarding.

Go passwordless

Enter a new era of authentication

Deliver frictionless security to your customers by going password-free with the most secure authentication pattern in the industry. Eliminate the need for fragile authentications such as OTPs, usernames, passwords, and insecure SMS/email. Deploy your banking apps fully based on the FIDO UAF standard, SCA compliant (PSD2 RTS regulation) and support both in-band and out-of-band authentication.

Identity Entitlements Go passwordless

Ensure end-to-end compliance

Built-in adherence to the latest banking regulations

Take full control of enforcing policies and regulations across your banking systems to mitigate risks associated with identity fraud, money laundering, and more. Instill confidence in your banking operations with productized FIDO authentication and transaction-signing journeys. Facilitate compliance with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and Dynamic Linking (PSD2) to ensure secure and regulatory-compliant transactions.

Identity Entitlements end to end compliance

Bank-grade Entitlements

Meet the industry's most powerful entitlements engine

Revolutionize your entitlements management by allowing end users to fully manage complex Entitlements, Access Control, and Limits & Approvals rules. With our robust and flexible solution, you can monitor and customize your entitlements in real-time, addressing complexities such as power of attorney, parental control, joint accounts, and diverse business banking scenarios with ease.

Identity Entitlements Bank grade Entitlements

Fine-grained Access Control, Limits & Approvals

Take full control of your journeys, even in complex scenarios

Effortlessly manage Access Control and Limits & Approvals across all platform capabilities for both the end user, as well as the back and mid-office employee. And all of this can be done from a single, powerful central administration dashboard.

Identity Entitlements Access Control Limits Approvals

Comprehensive Audit Trails

Complete traceability that makes regulators smile

Complex identity and access management — and entitlements — burden banks with Audit Trail responsibilities across their technology stack. Leverage a powerful platform with built-in secure interactions and access control parameters, making your records auditable, searchable, and exportable for full visibility.

Identity Entitlements Audit Trails

Unified Identity Management

One identity, fully regulatory-compliant

Manage user identities throughout their lifecycle, from prospecting and onboarding to daily transactions. Our platform powers Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), Transaction Signing, and self or assisted servicing. With features such as user provisioning, de-provisioning, role-based access control, and periodic access reviews, you can ensure appropriate user privileges while deactivating dormant accounts.

Identity Entitlements Support identities

Go fast with pre-integrated security building blocks

Save time and effort with pre-existing solutions

In addition to our capabilities, you can adopt pre-built journeys on web and mobile (iOS / Android) to release faster to your customers and employees. With journeys for authentication, transaction signing, and device management, among others, you’ll get the speed and momentum to launch more quickly. Prefer customization? Our Web/Mobile SDKs empower any developer to build and accelerate on top of our platform.

Identity Entitlements Pre integrated security building blocks

Simplify self-service

Improve customer experiences, drive cost savings

Empower your customers to self-serve, from managing entitlements to enrolling devices and resetting passwords/PINs. By reducing reliance on your helpdesk, you’ll minimize the costs of service — while enhancing the customer experience.

Identity Entitlements Simplify self service


Strong Customer Authentication

Secure your customer data by taking authentication to the next level. Generate unique authentication codes through at least two independent factors and a mix of either possession, inherence, and knowledge. Unlock biometric recalls across all digital channels with device enrollment for public key regeneration.

Access Control & Entitlements

Highly configurable fine-grained access control, approval workflow, and limits management. Empower your customers and bank employees to administer user permissions for managing service agreements, creating user profiles, setting limits, managing approvals, and more.

Transaction Signing

Protect your users against unauthorized transactions and non-repudiation. Use PSD2 RTS compliant FIDO-based translation signing journeys and integrated authentication using SMS/email one-time passwords (OTPs). The dynamic linking capability stores transactions and signatures together through audited confirmation records.


Take customer servicing to the next level by allowing your employees to act on behalf of customers for digital or in-branch scenarios. Privileged service-agents can temporarily emulate customers in their digital banking applications to perform complex actions and quickly resolve queries.

Device Management

Allow your customers to securely enroll their devices for mobile banking and FIDO-based authentication. Link unique users, devices, and signing keys to be used for authentication of web and mobile channels. Sign and approve payments initiated via web, mobile, and PSD2/Open Banking channels (third-party) apps.


Re-use any existing user database or user directory to be fully integrated with the platform. Our federation protocols synchronize and co-exist with your existing systems through a built-in LDAP/AD adapter or, in case of custom-user directories, through a custom-developed adapter.

Our standards

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