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Customer Experience Services

Make digital feel personal

Leverage your customer data to deliver hyper-personalized digital banking experiences, at scale.

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The end of “one-app-fits-all”

To stand out in a competitive market and become the banking app of choice, you need to deliver tailored experiences, advice, product offerings, and communications to your customers, directly within their apps. Move from “one-app-fits-all” to micro-segmentation and hyper-personalized apps that excite.

Tailored apps for any customer segment

Dynamic, tailored value propositions

Your experiences should be as dynamic as your customers expect them to be. Power infinite, personalized variations of your application through dynamic rendering and real-time targeting, applying your customer’s segmentation in every stage of their lifecycle.

Customer experience composable apps

Campaign at scale

Grow your share of wallet by increasing relevance

Cross- and up-sell easily with tailored deals on products and services, allowing you to increase your share of wallet. Our platform gives you the flexibility to adopt pre-built campaign templates or create one from scratch. You’ll also improve productivity by enabling collaboration between marketing employees to launch personalized campaigns at speed.

Customer experiencecampaign at scale

AI - CoPilot

Improve your customers’ financial wellness

Harness the power of data-based insights, personalized offers, and robo-advisory so you can give your customers what they want, when they want it — or even before they realize it themselves.

Customer experience Advice upsell

Customer profile: achieve the segment of one

Identify micro-segments for personalization

Orchestrate data to create meaningful micro-segments for unique customer profiles, empowering you to tailor your value proposition, products, services, add-ons, and bundles. Discover the power of connecting and managing all your customer data through a single platform — and achieve the segment of one.

Customer experience segment of one

Communication APIs for any channel and interaction

We’ve done all the hard work, so you can innovate

From in-app smart nudges and notifications to real-time communication over live chat, the platform comes with out-of-the-box communications capabilities so you don’t need to source, integrate, and manage multiple vendors.

Customer experience communication API


Audiences & Segmentation

A set of foundational capabilities that consumes and manages all your customer data sources (internal and external). Create logical groups of customers using SQL-like operators to enable data-driven segmentation. With continuous data ingestion, changes to your customer data are automatically, incrementally processed.


The Campaign capabilities orchestrate all of the interactions between the bank and its customers, on any channel, for any engagement pattern. Templates can be used and enriched with customer data to personalize the experience. These capabilities include ready-to-use communications services such as SMS, email, push notifications, in-app messages, or even full-blown real-time-communication capabilities (chat/video).


The Preferences capability allows for personalization of the end-user experience, supporting feature toggles and capability settings that differentiate the end-user experience to their liking, across all channels.

Communication & Interaction

Deliver personalized content on any channel, using any of the available engagement patterns (e.g. in-app notification/nudge, chat, video, SMS, etc). Any capability or combination thereof can trigger personalized content delivery: account activity data, balance mutations, transactions, payments, user behavior, etc.

AI CoPilot

Deliver tailored recommendations and product propositions with AI-powered smart advice and assistance capabilities.

AI - Upsell

Generate Next Best Offers based on all the relevant information from the customer, consumed from the Customer Data & AI Services layer.


The Presentation capability allows you to dynamically tailor the experience and content to each individual user, without having to build and deploy multiple apps. With dynamic rendering, you decide what features, products, add-ons, and bundles are offered to different micro-segments.

Other platform capabilities

Customer Data & AI

Adopt Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) to reduce manual processing, friction, and cost.

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Digital Engage

Create impactful and personalized customer interactions at scale.

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Identity & Access Management

Securely manage the digital identities and access rights of your end users.

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