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Loan Origination

In the customer-first era, the failure to modernize lending journeys is a threat to your survival.


Keeping up with a changing lending scene

Despite many advances in digitization and automation, many financial institutions still fall behind in digital lending.

  • It typically takes 1 hour to complete a conventional loan application. Digital lenders do it in less than 15 minutes.
  • Around 30-40% of the loan origination effort is spent on non-core and automatable tasks.
  • The average time to process business loans is between 3 to 5 weeks with time to disbursement at nearly 3 months.
  • Digital lenders make decisions faster, taking only 5 minutes to process and less than 24 hours to cash.

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Spot the signs

What are the signs your lending processes are broken?

Here are some obvious (and not so obvious) signs that indicate broken lending processes:

  • High abandonment rate - a high dropout rate for online loan applications can indicate a larger issue - redundant data entries, manual document submission, and long wait times all contribute to a poor loan origination experience. According to Forrester, abandonment rates can reach up to 97.5% if processes are not optimized.
  • Long Time To Yes (TTY) and Time To No (TTN) - slow decision turnarounds negatively impact the borrower experience and hurt your revenues.
  • Inefficient underlying processes if your lending teams are spending 30-40% of their time and effort on non-core activities such as data collection and communication bottlenecks, then this may be a sign that your processes need to be optimized.
  • A low share of wallet - the average consumer holds 7.4 financial products, of which only 2.8 are with their main bank. A low share of wallet could be a sign of dissatisfaction with lending processes, hence customers look elsewhere for financing options.

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Loan Origination - Spot the signs
Don’t miss out

Why is broken lending a threat to banks & credit unions?

With lending at the heart of most customer-bank and member-credit union relationships, poor lending processes can have a huge impact on your business.

Lost borrowers

Recent research indicates that unless applicants can complete a new loan application in less than 10 minutes, the abandonment rate can increase up to 60%.

Missed revenue opportunities

A survey revealed that many organizations are losing more than 75% of the potential loan business in a given year, a number that is not sustainable for banks and credit unions with high growth ambitions.

Increased risk & cost

Manual data collection, validation, and storage result in more errors, longer turnaround time, and higher operating costs. It can also affect your bank's ability to spot non-performing loans early, increasing cost of risk.

Take action

Drive better revenue from loan origination

Achieve remarkable results by re-architecting lending around your customers and members. Want to find out how to get started? Check out our hands-on, step-by-step guide to digital lending.

Engage to sell

With one in every five loans coming from an existing customer or member, it’s easy to see that cross-selling just works. While traditional marketing and referral sources are important, reaching out to customers that you’re already serving with relevant product offers can help you drive more applications at a lower cost. Your move: Send personalized recommendations to existing customers through their banking apps to drive more applications and increase your share of wallet with Backbase Digital Engage.

Backbase Digital Engage

Loan Origination - Engage to sell
Loan Origination - Compete on customer experience
Loan Origination - Dont forget underlying processes
Loan Origination - Enhance your readiness
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3 drivers for lending transformation

  • Faster credit decisions, lower cost to serve. With 30-50% less time spent on decision-making, customers and members get cash up to 80% sooner.
  • Increased profitability. A bank with a balance sheet of $250 billion can capture close to $230 million in annual profit through cost efficiencies and revenue gains.
  • Tap into new markets. Banks and credit unions with the right digital lending capabilities can take on the unmet financing need in the small, and medium-sized business sector, a $5.2 trillion a year opportunity.

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Loan Origination - See results

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