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The Engagement Banking Platform

The open platform to rapidly modernize your bank

Say goodbye to vendor lock-in and legacy systems with a truly open digital banking platform. Don’t limit your choices to either build or buy, and move beyond the traditional platform model. Now, you’ll have the option to buy for speed and then build for differentiation, allowing you to get to market fast with a solution that’s all your own.

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Break free from vendor lock-in & tech debt

In the traditional banking model, too many banks are stuck with outdated, expensive, siloed tech that’s hard to change — and even harder to stitch together when attempting to serve the customer.

Seize the opportunity to break free and shift to a new-generation Engagement Banking model. By leveraging a single omni-channel banking platform, you can adopt a customer-centric approach, orchestrate user journeys across all your touchpoints, and innovate at the speed of digital.


Legacy apps


Composable Platform


Journey Orchestration & Tailored Value Propositions


It’s time to rethink your modernization strategy

The traditional banking model is built on legacy systems that are costly to maintain and provide little differentiating value to customers.

But things are already changing. There’s been a major paradigm shift towards a new operating model that’s centered around customer engagement orchestration and the bank’s ability to create differentiating value propositions. And with Backbase, you’ll be poised to capitalize on this change.

Traditional banking

maintaining legacy

EBP Modernization strategy 1 1


Engagement Banking

differentiating value propositions

EBP Modernization strategy 2

Modern banking, built on open platforms

Harness the power of a new-generation digital banking platform for rapid innovation. The Backbase Engagement Banking Platform connects quickly and securely to your downstream systems of record, such as core systems and CRMs, as well as third-party fintechs in your tech stack. Our platform offers the most comprehensive digital engine rooms on the market today, enabling you to seamlessly orchestrate all your customer and employee interactions across any channel. The platform APIs empower you to rapidly create differentiating user experiences so you can focus on delivering real business value.

EBP built on open platforms

A composable platform fabric for rapid banking modernization

Our 400+ industrialized and composable capabilities give you the flexibility to rapidly create tailored and differentiating financial experiences. It’s built as a single platform from the ground up and designed to empower your bank to innovate on its own terms.

A look into our powerful platform capabilities:

Identity & Entitlements Services

Mitigate risks and fraud by securely managing digital identities and the access rights of your end-users across all your digital banking channels — without compromising on their experience.

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EBP Engine Room 1
EBP Engine Room 2
EBP Engine Room 3
EBP Engine Room 4
EBP Engine Room 5
EBP Engine Room 6
EBP Engine Room 7

Accelerate your digital banking transformation

Buy plus build: get the best of both worlds

We believe banks shouldn’t be forced to decide between “buy” and “build.”

With our out-of-the-box platform capabilities and customer journeys, your bank can leverage readily available functionality, covering up to 80% of what you need to build a modern mobile or web application on top of your core banking infrastructure.
That means your engineers will be able to focus on your unique, differentiating value, rather than building the basic functionalities from scratch. Leverage industrialized platform capabilities and ready-to-adopt customer journeys so you can differentiate by building unique features on top of a robust, industrialized, battle-proof architecture.

Buy and Build

Polyglot architecture: maximum flexibility

Our platform can be adopted within your bank’s existing polyglot landscape, enabling you to continue leveraging multiple programming languages and technology frameworks.

Polyglot front-end

Continue exploiting the thriving ecosystems and communities of popular front-end technologies like Angular, React, Flutter, Vue.js, Swift, and Kotlin. Using micro-frontends and module federation, our polyglot architecture allows you to tap into these ecosystems and leverage a vast array of tech-specific libraries, tools, and community support. By limiting the need for rework and reducing complexity, you can quickly integrate with our platform.

EBP Polyglot architecture 1

Polyglot back-end

Adopt a containerized approach to deploy components for system integration, data sharing, and bespoke microservice software development. Leverage the strengths of different frameworks, enhance developer productivity, optimize performance, and enable flexible, modular development.

EBP Polyglot architecture 2

Polyglot ecosystem & infrastructure

Ensure seamless interoperability across diverse infrastructural components in a polyglot setting. No universal solution exists: choose the best persistence layers and runtime engines to suit your specific banking needs. Opt for document-based storage, non-relational databases, or distributed key-value systems. Use event-based communication or integrate serverless functions for highly scalable small tasks.

Polyglot architecture 3

Turbocharge your Digital Factory

The Backbase platform is the “construction site” for digital transformation. On top of the platform, you work with your own cross-functional teams that are dedicated to change-the-business projects. All your teams leverage the same industrialized platform capabilities, including reusable building blocks and repeatable processes, to build tailored journeys and value propositions for your key client segments. The secret to the Digital Factory’s success? Small teams, working closely with the business side, function as a start-up accelerator and help your bank to rapidly modernize its customer journeys.

EBP Digital Factory

Reallocate budget from “run” to “change”

The Backbase platform enables your bank to progressively modernize its IT stack. By eliminating the burden of maintaining outdated, bespoke systems and processes, we empower you to shift your focus back to innovation. You can even reallocate these cost savings to fund modernization efforts that drive innovation, enhance customer experiences, and boost the bank's competitive position in the market.

Legacy stack

Reallocate budget 1


Engagement Banking Platform

Reallocate budget 2

Deployment options


Our single code-base, continuous delivery operating model ensures your customers are always on the most recent version, removing the burden and the cost of maintaining multiple versions of the software. This allows you more time for innovation and focusing on building what you need.

Cloud backbase cloud deployment

All hosting options supported

No more vendor lock-in — deploy our platform on the infrastructure of your choice. Backbase supports different hosting options from public cloud to private, hybrid, container, community, and on-premise deployments. Discover our wealth of success in different cloud environments.


By developers, for developers

Developer experience matters. We offer detailed documentation, tools, training and personalized support so your teams can explore and learn.

Developer Resources

The Backbase platform comes with an extensive set of APIs &SDKs and a full design system, well-documented on our DeveloperHub, along with all the tools necessary to empower developers.

Explore Developer Hub

Training & Support

Backbase Academy offers hands-on training for different roles. Teams can also receive coaching and help from our Application Development Support service.

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EBP - By developers for developers

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