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Integration Platform-as-a-Service

A single platform for all your banking API needs

Enhance and scale customer experiences in your engagement layer. Our plug-and-play architecture enables instant integrations with a robust ecosystem of core banking systems and fintechs, at low development and maintenance costs.

Unlock rapid innovation

Accelerate innovation by integrating your back-end systems with an industrialized middleware layer. Leverage pre-built and productized connections with leading core banking systems, CRMs, and fintechs to drastically reduce time-to-market. Easily customize, build, and run your own connectors. Scale your integrations to streamline operations, fast-track innovation, and achieve adherence to compliance with regulatory standards — without the burden of hidden costs and continuous maintenance.

Minimize reliance on core and back-end systems to boost efficiency

Get more out of your existing systems

Drastically reduce the time and cost of integrating your engagement platform with downstream systems, and instead refocus your energy on building differentiators. Our Integration Services offer reusable integration components that accelerate the development of journeys by abstracting the reusable integration code into a separate module. We support both stateful and stateless patterns, depending on the use-case.

Integration Completely modular

Leverage with a Unified Domain Model based on BIAN

Simplify the integration of your underlying systems

Overcome the API management challenge with a unified API that streamlines integration to multiple banking systems using a standardized interface. Our APIs are backed by various plug-and-play connectors to popular core banking systems and fintechs. Gain full control over your API lifecycle and operations with built-in SDLC, and progressively replace your underlying technology landscape while having the certainty that your integrations will remain stable.

Integration API Management Layer

Serverless integrations for maximum performance

Less coding, faster releases

Unlock the potential of your engagement layer with fully serverless integrations in managed environments. The extremely lightweight integration platform is built for maximum performance and a better developer experience, allowing faster development and customization with a robust library of reusable components. Monitor the performance of your apps with built-in enhanced analytics supported by highly configurable data mapping.

Integrations serverless integrations

Completely modular, fully compliant

Integrations as a competitive edge

Leverage an API-led architecture that securely plugs in and plugs out connections with external systems, partners, and third-party service providers, all while remaining compliant with regulatory requirements such as anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC). With a single data model that converts and unifies all underlying APIs, you’ll make a modular and composable approach a reality, giving you the freedom to build your own differentiators.

Integrations enterprise grade integration layer

Pre-integrated fintechs to fast-track innovation

We do the plumbing, you focus on innovation

Break free from vendor constraints and choose the solutions that best suit your needs. Seamlessly connect best-in-class, pre-integrated fintech capabilities to your engagement layer and elevate the customer and employee experience without added development costs. Explore our robust marketplace of compliant, productized, fully managed capabilities, supported by Backbase.

Integrations be vendor agnostic


Unified APIs

Completely standardized and stable Unified API layer that ensures all technologies and standards connect seamlessly with your engagement layer. The core agnostic and channel agnostic banking domain model is based on BIAN’s leading data model and API definitions, and follows ISO 20022 standards.

API Management Layer

Leverage our powerful API management platform with our developer portal, API sandboxes, authentication, security, versioning, and API Analytics. With our APIOps approach, we guarantee a consistent and high-quality standard.

Integration Platform-as-a-Service

Connect with a serverless platform to create cloud-native enterprise integrations. Support all integration patterns for data mapping, aggregation, filtering, routing, and more. Our platform’s composable and robust banking specific building blocks allow you to create integrations at speed.


Accelerate your time-to- market with pre-built connectors with leading cores, CRMs, and fintechs. Our productized connectors help you integrate your engagement layer with downstream systems, while enhancing your customer experience with cutting-edge technologies from trusted third-party vendors.

Other platform capabilities

Core Integration

Gain complete freedom to innovate on your own terms and on any core of your choice.

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Fintech Integration

Enrich your customer experience by adding cutting-edge experiences to your apps.

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Our Platform

Orchestrate all your customer touchpoints in one place and take your bank’s customer engagement to the next level.

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