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Core Banking Integrations

Unleash your innovation

Minimize disruptions, complexities, and risk on your tech stack when integrating with — and innovating on — your core banking systems. You can easily connect your core to the Backbase Engagement Banking Platform, secure in the fact that we’re covering everything from implementation to hosting, customization, and updates. On top of that, our fully managed, productized core integrations to leading providers will help you go faster, allowing you to spend less time on maintenance and more time driving value for your bank.

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Integrate without limitations

Decades of different technologies have forced banks to spend significant funds on creating, dismantling, and maintaining integrations — but no longer. We allow you to seamlessly integrate our Engagement Banking Platform with industry-leading core banking systems, giving you the full autonomy you deserve. You’ll even free up your developers so they can focus on the projects that will have the most impact, both for your bank and its customers.

White-glove service

Fully managed integrations from Day 1

No bank wants to devote all their resources towards integrating their growing tech stack with their core banking systems. Thankfully, we not only fully integrate our Engagement Banking Platform to your downstream systems, we also host, continuously maintain, and update those integrations.

Core Banking Integrations White glove service

Uninterrupted services

Say goodbye to downtime

Gain the confidence to build new banking products and streamline your business processes, without limitations. You’ll ensure there’s no interruptions to the end-user experience as you rapidly modernize your core banking systems and applications.

Core Banking Integrations Uninterrupted services

Any core. Any generation.

Optionality at its finest

We’re here to help you go fast, whether you want to integrate our platform with your traditional core banking systems or the latest, cloud-native lean cores. Our out-of-the-box, productized integrations with leading core banking systems will help you accelerate your time to market — an essential part of remaining relevant in the new generation of banking. On the other hand, for your bespoke core banking systems, we’ve got you covered with our open APIs, microservice frameworks, and enhanced data capabilities.

Core Banking Integrations Any core Any generation

Standardized data model

Innovate at speed

Downstream communication has never been easier. With our BIAN- and ISO-20022-based, unified data model, your bank will be able to eliminate silos and accelerate innovation. You’ll even insulate your applications so issues in your core banking system don’t break your existing channels. Get ready to innovate faster with unified data models and unlock the power of data by connecting your engagement layer to your core systems.

Core Banking Integrations Standardized data model

Optimize your total cost of ownership

Gain full control of your operations and costs

Unforeseen expenditures are now a thing of the past — including both CapEx and OpEx. Our operating model allows your bank to get a predictable ARR cost model — without up-front implementation, maintenance, and infrastructure costs. Free from the threat of hidden costs, you’ll be able to minimize and plan your spend, allowing you to reallocate funds towards innovation and differentiation.

Core Banking Integrations Optimize total cost of ownership

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