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Human Assist Services

Re-imagine your customer service

Empower your front-office and development teams with a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and customizable solution to drive faster, more effective customer support. Boost employee productivity, preserve the personal touch, and keep costs down — Human Assist Services lets you have it all without compromise.

Re-imagine your customer service

Achieve consistent and unified experiences for both customers and employees across all channels through a cutting-edge, next-generation omni-channel banking platform. Our comprehensive and configurable set of microservices allows banks and their development teams to craft exceptional human-assisted support services. Say goodbye to fragmented systems, isolated data, and cumbersome compliance hurdles, and finally have the freedom to re-imagine your bank’s human-assisted journeys without the need for extensive development, expensive servicing costs, and added risks.

Unified workspace

Eliminate your silos, improve productivity

Enhance operational efficiency and leverage data-driven insights by centralizing data, systems, and workflows. Boost productivity among front office employees, including call center and branch staff, with a harmonized workspace that fosters seamless team collaboration and exceptional customer service. The Engagement Banking Platform eliminates the need for employees to navigate through multiple siloed systems, making it easier for them to access the information they need in just a few clicks.

Human Assist Unified workspace

360° Customer View

Empower your teams with the right tools

Provide your teams with a comprehensive, ready-to-go employee application that includes everything they need to service customers better, faster, and more effectively. Whether it’s a simple scenario such as unblocking a card or a complex scenario to complete a mortgage application over video — we’ve got you covered.

Human Assist 360 Customer View

Act on behalf of customers

High-impact assistance in real time

Having a single source of customer data enables your service agents to access real-time customer information and perform critical actions on their behalf. Benefit from our platform's pre-integrated microservices that seamlessly integrate identity, access control, device management, and audit functionalities, based on open standards like FIDO and OpenID Connect. Access and interact with customer information and systems in emulated environments to see what the customer sees, and quickly resolve queries, without compromising on security.

Human assist act on behalve customer 3

True omnichannel interactions

Instant assistance on any channel

Empower your customers to connect with service agents instantly through their preferred digital channels, with pre-integrated live-chat, audio, and video calls at the touch of a button within banking apps.

Human assist unified workspace 2

Proactive and data-driven smart assistance

Better anticipate your customers' needs

Deliver data-driven insights and proactive servicing with our powerful integration architecture. Seamlessly aggregate customer data from multiple systems into a single 360° view, empowering your service agents with real-time support and configurable account insights to identify service and sales opportunities.

With our comprehensive development framework and APIs, your engineers can create unique front-line services tailored specifically to your business.

Human assist data driven 3


Unified workspace

Combine a range of critical customer service tools into a best-in-class unified workspace for service agents, including a rich 360° view of the customer, customer profile management, on-behalf-of actions, real-time communications, and more.

360° Customer View

Consolidate siloed customer data from core banking systems, CRMs, fintechs, and other databases into a 360° view. From personal customer details to product and account information, easily configure the types of data service agents can see and enable more consistent service at a lower cost.

User Management

Govern user interaction with digital banking applications through easy to navigate journeys spanning user creation, enrollment, and access, all managed via a unified workspace and fully connected to core banking systems.

Act on behalf

Create a secure service environment powered by highly configurable entitlements and access controls that enable permitted service agents to carry out key service actions — such as managing access and card — on behalf of a customer.


Leverage a 360° view to offer personalized advice to customers via automations (chatbots) or portfolio advisors and service agents. Make recommendations based on financial health, credit reports, income, and expenditure patterns, all within a unified workspace.

Customer Communications

Connect customer communication channels such as secure messaging, live chat, audio and video calling, directly within a unified workspace, and enable agents to deliver instant and low-friction experiences for customers.

Other platform capabilities

Fintech Integrations

Enrich your customer experience by adding cutting-edge experiences to your apps.

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Digital Assist

Deliver exceptional customer service every feature they need for quick resolution and upsell, in one unified solution.

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Digital Engage

Create impactful and personalized customer interactions at scale.

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